Wolfram Alpha also designed as Wolfram|Alpha is a computational search engine and a type question answering site. Wolfram Alpha is also known as an answer engine, as it is kind of search engine where you have to search for answers of your questions related to Math, Physics, Chemistry, Computational Science, Unites & measures, and many more topics we shall discuss them below. The interface of Wolfram Alpha is quite similar to that of a regular search engine but the main difference between Wolfram Alpha and regular search engines is that when we type queries into the search box, it will show answers to specific questions rather than presenting lists of websites that may have the relevant solution to your query. Wolfram Alpha answers factual queries directly in real-time by computing the answer from externally sourced curated data.

The search box of Wolfram Alpha accepts natural language input in the phrase, keyword, or a proper sentence format and mathematical equations. From over hundreds of domains and more are added regularly, Wolfram Alpha uses its massive collection of algorithms and data to compute and answers to you with a proper report. The results which are shown on the website are dynamically computed. Apart from available as a website, Wolfram Alpha is also available for mobile as an app for iOS and Android.

The Wolfram Alpha lists and covers the system’s components and domains given below:

Which subjects are covered on Wolfram Alpha? – These are the main topics which are covered in the Wolfram Alpha. Apart from these topics, there are several other domains which may not be mentioned below but Wolfram Alpha is a kind of answer machine most of your questions.

  • MATHEMATICS – Elementary Math, Algebra, Plotting, Numbers, Matrices, Calculus, Trigonometry, Geometry, Discrete Math, Applied Math, Number Theory, Definitions, Logic Functions,
  • STATISTICS & DATA ANALYSIS – Statistics Regression, Statistical Distributions, Descriptive, Probability
  • PHYSICS – Relativity, Mechanics, Optics, Electricity & Magnetism, Nuclear Physics, Quantum Physics, Thermodynamics, Particle Physics, Astrophysics, Statistical Physics Physical Constants
  • CHEMISTRY – Compounds, Elements, Quantities, Ions, Solutions, Reactions, Chemical, Thermodynamics, Protecting Groups
  • MATERIALS – Minerals, Alloys, Plastics, Crystallography, Bulk Materials, Woods
  • ENGINEERING – Electric Circuits, Acoustics, Steam Tables, Psychometrics, Refrigeration, Structures, Aeronautics, Fluid Mechanics,
  • EARTH SCIENCE – Geochronology, Geology, Geodesy, Tide Data, Atmosphere, Climate, Earthquakes,
  • COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCES – Substitution Systems, Computational Complexity, Turing Machines, Fractals, Mathematics, Image Processing, Cellular Automata, Algebraic Codes,
  • MONEY & FINANCE – Futures, Currency Conversion, Tips, Bonds, Derivatives Valuation, Present Value, Wages, Sales Tax, Stock Data, Mutual Funds, Indices, Mortgages,
  • SOCIOECONOMIC DATA – Cities, Economics, Agriculture, Social Statistics, Energy, Salaries, Unemployment, Cost of Living, Health Care, Housing, Crime, Military, Religion, Demographics, Countries, US States, US Counties,
  • WEB & COMPUTER SYSTEMS –IP Lookup, Website Data, Data Transfer, Port Numbering, Hashing, Unicode Lookup, Notable Computers, String Processing,
  • EDUCATION – School Districts, Public Schools Standardized Tests, International Education, Universities

How to use Wolfram Alpha – How Wolfram Alpha Works

Users have to type and submit their queries then computation requests via a text field. Then Wolfram Alpha computes and generates answers and other relevant visualizations from its curated data, structured data that is derived from other books and sites.

Wolfram Alpha uses a portfolio of both manual and automatic methods, including statistics, visualization, and source cross-checking and expert review. Wolfram Alpha stands different from other semantic search engines since it has curated data collection. The curated data index a large number of answers and then try to match the question asked by you.

Download Wolfram Alpha on Android and iOS

Undoubtedly, Wolfram Alpha is one of the best web-based answer engines which provide answers to almost all of your questions. Now, it is available for Android and iOS devices. So you can have every answer on your fingertips with its application. You can download Wolfram Alpha on your Android and iOS application from their App Stores.

Download Wolfram Alpha APK for Android Phone

Wolfram Alpha iOS Download

Final Words

Now, you don’t worry if you don’t know the solution of a Math equation or you are finding it hard to understand and the law of physics then Wolfram Alpha is the best tutor for you that will never let you down. It will provide answers to all of your question related to any topic we have mentioned above. Apart from them, several other topics are also covered in it. It can be your homework buddy when your elder sister or tutor is not available for help. If you have any suggestion or feedback regarding this post then you can write to us in the comment box.

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