How to watch anime for free on WatchCartoonOnline?

FYI, WatchCartoonOnline is one of the trusted free anime streaming website. It offers a lot of Japanese anime TV shows and movies for free. Users can access this site on the smartphone as well as computers and tablets. It has mastered in providing HD anime content to the users. The site has some good simple and easy to use interface which makes it easy for anyone to use the site to stream cartoon and anime stuff online. Users don’t need to sign up on to use. It is the completely free and ad-supported site, so you can use it without registration.

You just need to go to any anime title and click on it to play the video. You can set the quality of the streaming video. WatchCartoonOnline has subbed and dubbed anime so you are going to get a whole lot of entertainment on a single website.

WatchCartoonOnline Proxy and Mirror Links 2021

Many users are unable to access the site due to several reasons which we have discussed in the next segment of this article. But if you just want to stream anime and free cartoon in HD on the internet then here’s how you can access

These domain links may or may not be from the real owner of the site but they have got similar web design and anime stuff. So, if you are unable to find the real watchcartoononline site then visit any of these links.

Why Watchcartoononline is not accessible?

If you search for WatchCartoonOnline on Google then you will notice that there isn’t a single result that will lead you to the official site. That’s because Google has blocked it due to copyright issues. So we would suggest you to try Yahoo or any other powerful search engine except Google to search for WatchCartoonOnline and you will find the relevant site on the results. So if you are thinking WatchCartoonOnline is blocked or shutdown then you should try to visit the link directly or search on any other search engines.

Top Similar Sites like WatchCartoonOnline 2021 | Best Alternatives to WatchCartoonOnline

Here we have mentioned some free as well as paid alternatives to WatchCartoononline where you can watch all the latest anime shows and anime movies with cartoon stuff in high-quality.

Hulu and Netflix (Paid)

Now first up are the services you probably already have honestly, Hulu and Netflix. Well, these sites are paid and you may know them for their popular movies and TV shows but they also contain some insane anime show and that is why they can be the best alternatives to watchcartoononline. Yes, just like with the rest of its content library, Netflix’s anime strategy seems to be to get the rights to a well-known property to get you in the door, and then keep you there with some quality originals as well. In this case, Netflix is the exclusive streaming home of Neon Genesis Evangelion, and their originals now include things like Seven Deadly Sins and Knights of Sidonia.

Similarly, Hulu’s library might not be as deep as some of the more specialized streaming services that we’re going to get to, but it’s still got a surprising amount, especially after the deal they struck with Funimation last December, so now Hulu’s got its own anime section, and it’s the only place you’ll find the immensely popular Cowboy Bebop, and on top of all that, with both of these services, they come with, well, Hulu and Netflix. As we said, you probably already have these, so you can take advantage of some good anime while you’re at it, and if you don’t have them, you can get Hulu for $5.99 if you want to deal with commercials, if you don’t, it’s $11.99, and Netflix does have an 8.99 plan and you can get the HD plan for $12.99.

JustDubs (Free)

JustDubs is a free anime streaming site which can be the best site like WatchCaroonOnline as users won’t have to pay a single penny to access the massive collection of anime shows and movies. It has all the popular, old, new, and upcoming anime shows and movies in English dubbed audio. You won’t find anime with English subtitles. If you are really into the anime and you don’t want to pay Hefty fees just like in Netflix or Hulu then this free alternative to watchartoononline is the best option for you.

Funimation (Free + Paid)

Funimation is for the more serious anime obsessive and it could be one of the best sites like watchcartoononline. It’s more narrowly focused for anime fans, it’s got a deeper library than Hulu, tons of Dragon Ball content for instance, plus you get simulcast, so you don’t have to wait around for the next season of Fire Force to drop before you can watch it with everybody else. It’s available on every major streaming device, and so you won’t have a problem finding a place to watch it, there’s a free ad-supported version that you can go with, or you can go the $5.99 Premium plan. This gives you ad-free access to the full library, plus two simultaneous streams. If you go for the $7.99 Premium Plus plan, then you get five simultaneous streams, and in that case, you get to download your content to watch on the go.

Crunchyroll (Free + Paid option)

Crunchyroll is similar to watchcartoononline and Funimation in that it’s geared towards serious anime devotees. it’s slightly different though in that, while both services provide both subbed and dubbed shows, Funimation holds a lot of exclusive rights to dubbed content while Crunchyroll is more of a destination for subbed stuff. Plus, Crunchyroll has got some top-tier exclusives as well, like A Place Further than the Universe, and Laid-Back Camp.

Now, there is a lot of free stuff that is ad-supported of course, or you can $7.99 monthly plan for the Crunchyroll Premium. Obviously, that strips out the ads, you only get one simultaneous stream for that though and$ 9.99 monthly plan is going to get you Crunchyroll Premium plus VRV Premium.

GoGoAnime (Free)

GoGoAnime is not a new name for pro anime devotees. This is a free anime website to watch anime on desktop and mobile phones. We have already mentioned this on our site several times. This is one of the most searched free anime sites on the internet so you can’t ignore but put in the list of the best watchcartoononline alternative sin 2021. This is free so of course, you have to go through ads but you can block them by using an ad blocker on your desktop browser for free. You don’t need to sign up. Just visit the site and play your favorite anime series or movies without any hassle. Enjoy HD anime with GoGoAnime.

VRV (Free + Paid)

Similarly to Crunchyroll, VRV is owned by Otter Media, which in turn is owned by WarnerMedia. VRV has its own library of originals like HarmonQuest, but the real appeal for VRV comes in the collection of properties, they’ve got Crunchyroll, and Mondo, and HIDIVE, and Rooster Teeth, and Boomerang, and lots more. So for $9.99 a month for VRV premium, you’re pulling in a whole bunch of stuff, including that Crunchyroll content.

Final Words…

So, that leaves us with the question of what you should get. Well, if you dabble in anime and you want all the popular anime shows and movies then Hulu and Netflix might be quite good enough as they have all the things you need. But if you are an anime addict and you want free stuff then JustDubs, GoGoAnime, or Crunchyroll could be the best alternatives to WatchCartoonOnline in 2021. There are many free anime sites like watchcartoononline and you use other sites then you can drop their names in the comment box.

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