Pro Power Saver is a device marketed online and on social media that claims to significantly reduce electricity bills. With dramatic promises of slashing power costs by 40% or more, Pro Power Saver seems like an unbelievable deal. But is it too good to be true?

In this investigative report, we’ll uncover the disturbing truth about the Pro Power Saver scam. You’ll learn how the deceptive scheme works, what’s really inside the worthless device, and most importantly – how to protect yourself.


How The Pro Power Saver Electricity Bill Reduction Scam Works

The Pro Power Saver scam relies on exaggerated claims, fake reviews, and misleading marketing tactics to promote their useless product. Here are some of the deceptive strategies used:

Claim: Pro Power Saver reduces electricity bills by “stabilizing current”

Pro Power Saver ads claim the device works by “stabilizing electrical current” and correcting surges that cause energy waste, reducing bills by over 40%.

The truth: There is no scientific evidence that Pro Power Saver can stabilize current or reduce energy consumption. The claims are completely unfounded.

Fake celebrity endorsements

Pro Power Saver promotions feature fake endorsements from celebrities like Elon Musk and Bill Gates.

The truth: The celebrity endorsements are completely fabricated. Elon Musk and Bill Gates have no association with Pro Power Saver and have not endorsed it.

Fake customer reviews & testimonials

The Pro Power Saver website shows glowing reviews and dramatic testimonials from satisfied customers.

The truth: The reviews are completely fake. The people shown do not exist and the stories of huge savings are totally made up.

Time-limited offers

Pro Power Saver ads use urgency tactics like “72 hour sale!” and “Only 5 left!” to pressure people into buying quickly.

The truth: These time-limited offers are sales gimmicks intended to spur impulse purchases before consumers can research the scam product.

What’s Really Inside Pro Power Saver?

So what do customers actually receive if they buy a Pro Power Saver device?

Inside the cheap plastic casing is just a basic circuit board, a small capacitor, a couple of resistors, and some LED lights. These generic electrical components have absolutely no ability to “stabilize current” or reduce electricity usage.

Multiple electrical engineers have confirmed Pro Power Saver has no measurable effect on home energy consumption. It’s nothing but an empty scam device.

Warning Signs of The Pro Power Saver Scam

Beyond the outlandish claims, Pro Power Saver exhibits many signs of being a shady fly-by-night scam operation:

  • No contact information on the Pro Power Saver website except a web form
  • No business address or company information provided
  • Registered overseas in Panama to avoid US consumer protection laws
  • No specifications or testing data provided to back up claims
  • Refuse to provide any units for independent testing

With no transparency, exaggerated claims, and no evidence to back it up, Pro Power Saver clearly cannot be trusted or taken seriously.

Dangers of The Pro Power Saver Electricity Reduction Scam

Besides wasting money on a useless device, there are even more serious risks to buying Pro Power Saver:

  • Fire hazard: The cheap components used in Pro Power Saver could overheat and ignite, putting your home at risk.
  • Damage to appliances: Pro Power Saver may leak voltage back to the electrical system, potentially damaging appliances and electronics.
  • No protections: Pro Power Saver provides no meaningful surge protection or safety features.
  • Wasted time & money: Buying Pro Power Saver results in time and money wasted on imaginary electricity savings instead of proven solutions.

Pro Power Saver is an outright scam that can potentially put your home and family in danger. Don’t let it anywhere near your electrical system.

How To Protect Yourself from The Pro Power Saver Electricity Bill Scam

Here are some tips to avoid getting duped by the Pro Power Saver scam:

  • Search online for the product name plus “scam,” “fake,” or “hoax” to find detailed exposes.
  • Beware of too-good-to-be-true claims like “save 90% on energy bills!” which are telltale signs of a scam.
  • Check for a valid business address and contact info. Pro Power Saver provides none.
  • Read reviews carefully and watch for patterns of deception. Many “reviews” are fake.
  • Consult an electrician before using any device that connects to your home’s electrical system.

Being an informed consumer is the best way to protect yourself from predatory scams like Pro Power Saver promising unbelievable electricity savings.

What To Do If You Already Bought Pro Power Saver

If you already wasted money on a Pro Power Saver device, take these steps to get your money back and stop the scammers:

  • Demand an immediate refund. Explain that Pro Power Saver is an electricity bill scam sold under fraudulent claims.
  • Issue a chargeback if you paid by credit card and the company refuses to refund you. This reverses the charges.
  • Report Pro Power Saver to the Federal Trade Commission and state consumer protection agencies.
  • Leave online reviews warning people about the Pro Power Saver scam to prevent more innocent victims.
  • Consult a consumer attorney to explore legal action to recoup your losses. A lawsuit may be needed if the company refuses to refund purchases.

Taking fast action and reporting the scam widely gives you the best chance of getting your money back and preventing further victims. Don’t let the Pro Power Saver scammers get away with it!

Don’t Fall For Electricity Bill Scams – Take Legit Steps to Reduce Energy Costs

While scams like Pro Power Saver sound appealing, there are no magic devices to reduce your electricity bills overnight. But taking smart steps like installing LED lights, adding insulation, replacing old appliances, and using energy-efficient settings can lead to proven, significant energy savings over time.

Invest in legitimate energy efficiency, not imaginary quick fixes. And beware of any product making outrageous electricity savings claims – if it sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly is.


Pro Power Saver is a fraudulent scam operation that uses deceptive claims, paid ads, fake reviews, and bait-and-switch tactics to sell useless devices for $49.

The cheap components inside Pro Power Saver provide no real electricity bill savings as heavily promoted in its misleading marketing. At best, Pro Power Saver is an overpriced LED light with a placebo effect. At worst, it’s an electrical hazard and fire risk.

Be a smart consumer – don’t fall for predatory electricity bill scams like Pro Power Saver. Avoid the dangers, save your money, and make legitimate energy efficiency upgrades instead.

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