is an online store that sells various products like car accessories, phone holders, jewelry, and more at heavily discounted prices. However, there are several red flags that indicate is likely a scam website that should be avoided. Here, we have collected all the information that you need to know about so that you can stay away from such scams.


What is

At first glance, appears to be a legitimate e-commerce store offering quality products at very low prices. The website sells items like car phone holders, anti-collision strips, rings, hair curlers, cleaning gels, and more.

However, upon closer inspection, there are many suspicious signs about

  • The website was recently registered on 9th December 2022.
  • It has an incredibly low trust score of just 1/100 on Scamadvisor.
  • There is no company information or contact details provided.
  • The prices are unrealistically low.
  • Customer reviews and social media links are non-existent.

These red flags indicate buyers should be very cautious about providing any personal or payment information to

Is Legit or a Scam?

With its lack of transparency and several scam website characteristics, appears to be an illegitimate website masquerading as an online shop.

Here are the top reasons is likely a scam:

No Company Information

There are no details about who owns or operates No business address, phone number, or email address are provided. This lack of basic contact information is highly suspicious.

Hidden Domain Registration

The domain owner’s identity is hidden in the WHOIS directory. Legitimate businesses are transparent about their owners.

No Customer Reviews does not have any independent customer reviews. There is no evidence that real buyers have shopped there or received products.

Fake Social Media Links

The social media icons on are not functional. They do not lead to any actual social media profiles for the company.

Ridiculously Low Prices

The prices advertised on are unrealistically low, even for wholesale items. This is a major warning sign of a scam.

Recently Created Website was registered in December 2022. The domain is less than a year old, which is highly unusual and risky for an e-commerce store.

Considering these multiple red flags, appears to be a scam website that customers should avoid entirely.

What to Expect If You Order from

Based on scam victim reports, here is what happens if you place an order on

  • You will likely never receive any product. The website will take your money without shipping anything.
  • If you do receive a product, it will be a cheap counterfeit or knockoff version, not the real item advertised.
  • Trying to get a refund or contact customer service will be impossible. The site owners block users who complain.
  • Your personal and financial data could be stolen and sold on the dark web. The site has no security protections.
  • You may receive constant spam emails or unsolicited messages after providing your email address.

Essentially, operates as a scam by baiting customers with fake discounts to steal money and personal information. No orders will be fulfilled as advertised.

Safest Option: Avoid

Based on multiple scam warnings, the safest option is to avoid placing any orders on This website cannot be trusted or verified as legitimate.

Shoppers are better off purchasing from well-known retailers that have solid reputations, customer reviews, and adequate contact information. While the deals may seem appealing, will likely just defraud customers.

Carefully research online stores before providing personal or financial information. Be especially cautious of websites with no reviews or social media presence that offer prices that seem too good to be true. If a website appears suspicious, it is better to avoid it entirely rather than risk being scammed.

Final Words shows multiple signs of being a scam website disguised as a legitimate online shop. With no transparency, a recently created domain, unrealistic prices, and a lack of reviews, this website cannot be trusted. Customers should avoid and only shop on reputable online retailers. Don’t get fooled by deals that appear too good to be true.

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