Here, I explain to UBlock Origin VS AdBlock plus UBlock Origin VS AdBlock Plus the companies spend more than $500 billion on advertisement per year worldwide and most of the companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing have the primary source of income is online advertising that is best.

Now Many times we have noticed we open a link from a web page or open an unknown website and we are bombed with so many advertisements and either directly come up on the web page itself or open in a single tab which is independent of the browser window that is good. Some of them are available for a single platform, like Windows, iOS only and some of them are available for many different platforms. The names are UBlock, AdBlock, UBlock Origin, AdBlock Plus and many more.

Advertising has become very in today and the advertisers are trying to find more novel ways and places the unwanted ads to the users for their profit and The majority of people are finding it more convenient to use ad blockers than trying to cut or cancel them each manually.

People are finding more reasons why the ad blockers need to be used and Like because the they create security concerns for the receiving device and mostly affect the bandwidth usage and the load time and other hand publishers and YouTubers earning their living from online advertisement and AD blockers may put a black effect on their lives as they are producing valuable content for the users in exchange they are showing some ads for earning money.

UBlock Origin VS AdBlock Plus

Now let us compare two of the free ones and not the UBlock VS UBlock origin or AdBlock VS AdBlock plus comparison see below.


AdBlock Plus is a free extension which was created in 2006 and it is an open source project licensed under GPLv3 and you can block annoying ads, block the malware spreading domains and disable tracking, etc and different from the AdBlock extension.


UBlock Origin was first launched in June 2014 and written in JavaScript and licensed under GPLv3+ unlike the AdBlock Plus and UBlock Origin also refuses any donations. There is a difference between UBlock Origin that is best all time.

AdBlock Plus was released eight years earlier than the UBlock Origin extension but popularity and the number of users and it is quite the other way round Both the software are available for free and are open source.


AdBlock plus VS UBlock origin comparison now comes to the most aspect here and AdBlock Plus itself does not have any functionality and you have to tell it besides having some lists enabled like Easy List and Acceptable Ads List and UBlock Origin uses a majority of AdBlock Plus filter syntax for blocking ads and here the UBlock Origin feeds off and takes advantage over the AdBlock Plus extension.

UBlock Origin has a new functionality that assists those with color vision deficiency and AdBlock Plus from blocking ads and allowing some pleasant ones and you can also disable tracking, malware domains and other social media buttons.


Now you might be thinking that what to do when we are browsing on an Android smartphone or tablet and comes handy UBlock Origin Firefox add-on to take care of our browsing experience on Android devices and need to install Firefox browser for Android and you can easily install UBlock Origin add-on on it as we do on our windows browsers that is best all time and other guide see this ad blocker android.

Here, it was debatable comparison between UBlock Origin VS AdBlock Plus and UBlock Origin dominated most of the segments and you use one of them you won’t notice much difference in your browsing experience.

Now completed guide for UBlock Origin VS AdBlock Plus 2017 and you read this guide very helpful for you