It’s quite a harsh reality you face when you find yourself done with disassembling your phone to repair or replace a battery to notice that you don’t have any of the tools required to assemble it back in one piece. Switching out a shattered screen, for example, can seem like a very simple job, but without the right tools, it will be a true ordeal. In most cases, after you find that you’re stuck with no way out, you’ll decide to go to a professional who will charge you probably more if you’ve done a few failed experiments and made the situation worse. People who are into DIY repairs and crafts don’t really like to feel that they need someone for everything. Mobile phone repair tools give you a chance to gain knowledge and experience in a field that will always pay off in the long run. We’ll be providing you with some of the best and most essential tools you’ll need in your DIY phone repair journey.


1-Suction Cup Pliers

A lot of phones nowadays have all the circuits and core elements right under the screen; the iPhone is the most popular phone that does this. Suction cup pliers help you avoid damaging the screen like you would if you use normal pliers. As proven by iParts 4U Mobile Repair Tools, they are quite cheap and shouldn’t set you back financially. The suction creates a vertical force that simply pulls the screen gently without causing any unwanted mishaps. Small suction cups alone won’t do the trick and will give you too much trouble, this is why suction cup pliers are most recommended. All you have to do is stick the suction cups on both ends of the phone and pull the pliers to pull the screen out gently.

2- Magnetic Mat Board

You can’t imagine the chaos of loose screws and small parts until you start disassembling a phone yourself. The number of small parts that are essential for the phone’s reassembly is quite important and you don’t want to lose them or even forget what they were for. A magnetic mat is a perfect solution to keep track of every single screw or part of your phone. The magnetism keeps them on the mat, not to mention that some mats are designed to also work like a whiteboard so you could even use a marker to write which part or screw is which.

3- Magnifying Tools

You wouldn’t need a magnifying tool if you were trying to fix an old traditional phone. Smartphones are a whole different class. Most of the parts and connections are extremely tiny, and they are all very sensitive and shouldn’t be tampered with unless you know what you’re doing. A magnifying tool relieves you from the pressure of having to wear your eye out looking at things that are so tiny. It doesn’t only help you increase your accuracy and precision; it also helps you save time that could be wasted trying to get a good look at a section or taking it apart.

4- Soldering Station

A soldering station combines two different essentials required for soldering your phone; a station and a soldering iron. It gives you complete control over the temperature you need to solder a part. As you may know, soldering very small parts like diodes, transistors, and capacitors require a lot of care. The wrong temperature can cause more problems than it solves. Soldering irons attached to stations are much more convenient and safer than using a traditional soldering iron.

5- Solder Wire

Solder wire is used to connect different components in intricate sections of the phone like the motherboard, display, or camera. The lead-free soldering iron is the most recommended option as it’s less hazardous to humans and the environment. There are many compositions with varying percentages of tin, silver, and copper. Soldering wires are not of standard size as the diameters can range from 0.1mm to more than 2mm. You shouldn’t begin soldering anything in your phone with your soldering iron if you don’t have soldering wires around. They are quite cheap and abundant in the market.

DIY repairs

Choosing to fix your phone yourself is a daunting task if you’re inexperienced. You may get overwhelmed by all the precautions and small details you should keep an eye out for. Once you get the hang of it using the right tools it should be an easy task. After a while, you’ll become a guru at this, so expect your friends to ask for your help a lot.