The ADT Pulse is an online portal that is used by ADT customers to both command and control their smart devices available and installed in their homes. Using the ADT Pulse portal, users can control the functionalities from their smartphones, making the process extremely accessible.

However, if you are a new ADT user and don’t have much idea about the login process, this article should give you a comprehensive idea about the steps. We will also highlight some workarounds if the login process isn’t working.


Steps to Log into the ADT Pulse Portal

If this is your first time accessing the ADT Pulse portal, the steps are pretty simple. You should have the necessary login credentials with you, provided by ADT. So, ensure that you keep those particular details in check.

With the details, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

ADT Pulse Portal Login

Enter in the search bar and press Enter

  • Start by opening your browser and then navigate to the search bar
  • This will redirect you to the login page
  • Enter the login credentials – username and the password
  • Once done, confirm the details and tap on Sign in

That’s all that you have to do to log into the ADT Pulse portal. However, in some cases, you might experience issues when trying to log into the portal. It is normal and not something you have to worry about. We have sorted some ways you can fix the login error.

How to Fix ADT Pulse Login Error?

Login errors are common with the ADT Pulse portal. However, you need to realize that these are temporary issues that can be fixed without any hassle. Most of the time, the authentication error is due to entering the wrong password, so cross-check that.

Following are some ways to fix the login errors in no time at all:

Reset the password

If you have forgotten the password or you think that the password you are entering is wrong, we’d recommend that you reset the password for good. The option is there on the login page where you can tap on the “Forgot your password?” button and reset it.

Just ensure that you have access to the registered email ID since that’s where all the emails will go. So, sort that out without any further questions at all.

Once you receive the email with the password reset link, you can click on it and then reset the password to something new.

Crosscheck the internet connection

Lack of internet connection or a lagging internet connection can also contribute to issues with the login process.

So, if you are noticing continuous errors while you are trying to log in, we’d recommend that you cross-check your internet connection without any further thoughts. This should fix the problem for you.


If you weren’t aware of the ADT Pulse portal and how to log into it, we hope this article gives you a clear and comprehensive idea about the same. Having access to this online portal is very crucial for every ADT customer, so knowing about the login process is equally important.