If you’re old enough to remember life before smartphones, you might even remember playing (or trying to play) Snake on a Nokia phone. While the late 1990s were simpler times in many ways, it was a pretty dull and unexciting time for smartphone gaming, especially if you compare it to our options these days.

Each year, smartphone companies release new phones with better cameras and finely tuned features but what does it mean for mobile gamers who exclusively play on their phones? Whether you’re a diehard Apple, Samsung, or Pixel fan, there are a lot of new and improved features to look forward to when gaming.


Bigger Screens For Better Play

If you’ve been gaming on your phone for even just a few years, you already know how much better gaming is when you play on a larger screen. After reading up some poker strategy, imagine a nice game of poker at your online casino of choice. Not only that but imagine how immersive other games, like action games, will look.

2018 looks like a year of bigger and better screens so if you haven’t upgraded your phone in awhile; it might be time to consider springing for a larger screen.

The tech rumour mills have been turning, as always, and there’s a prediction that iPhone may be releasing a phone with a 6.5” screen. There’s also a good chance that we’ll be seeing Samsung’s foldable smartphone, which when folded out has a reportedly 7.3” inch display (we don’t know any other details so far). If the foldable phone works out, this could be a real game changer is screen sizing.

As phone screens are getting bigger, many people who don’t really “get” gaming on smartphones might ask, “Why not just get a tablet?” Gaming on a phone is portable, lightweight, and convenient. One minute you can send a text and the next you can resume your game time. Why bother with hauling around another device?

The Potential For More Affordable Phones

It’s no surprise or secret that mobile phones can be expensive, depending on your budget. While many of them have amazing features, that continue to get better, it can be hard to justify paying the high price tag of some of the up and coming phones (even if you do have the option to make payments).

Phones like OnePlus 5T, which has a decent screen size of about six inches, sell for less than $500. As the prices drop on high-quality phones, which are perfect for gaming, we’ll probably see more people gaming on their phones, and maybe big-name phone manufacturers will take note and reduce the price, too.

The Ongoing Quest For Better Batteries

The whole idea behind mobile gaming is the ability to play while on the go, not sitting in a coffee shop next to an outlet with your charger in hand and waiting for your phone to die. As games get faster and more realistic, we naturally want to spend more time playing, but a short battery life is a deal breaker for a lot of mobile gamers.

Whether you’re playing Pokémon Go or the new Harry Potter AR game that’s slated to arrive in July (at the earliest) of this year, your phone’s battery needs to hold up. Even if you’re playing a puzzle game while riding the metro to work, you don’t want to worry about draining your battery. You’ll have to do some comparison shopping before settling on which phone will give you the most power.

More Nostalgic Games

Within a couple of years, we have seen a big influx of mobile games that make us feel some big-time nostalgia. We all saw how wildly successful Pokémon Go was and even though it’s not the most popular game, some sources say that over 60 million still play each month.

Depending on which decade you came of age, your definition of nostalgia may vary, but we’re going to continue to see a mix of old school games for mobile gaming. Were you the one person out of your group of friends that were able to keep your Tamagotchi alive and well? You will have a chance to care for one again. Have a soft spot for Mario Bros and friends? We will continue to see reboots and new versions of games starring classic characters.