It’s not happening all the time that you have posted a photo or video on Instagram and you get the likes on your post as you might have expected. And, this makes you think about what possibly could have gone wrong. Well, there are several factors affecting the reach of your Instagram post to the audience. But the most important one is the time you posted. So you need to know what is the best time to upload a photo or other content on Instagram?

We all know the basics about the best time to upload on Instagram. For instance, Fridays or weekends, or the office leaving hours when everybody would in their cab to their home and scrolling their Insta feed, or the time after the dinner when most of the people like to use social media during their after-dinner walk. Some online surveys based on the US audience show that the best time to post on Instagram would be between 1 PM to 3 PM or sometimes even 8 PM to 10 PM. So it may vary from region to region. So in this post, we would like to tell you how to know your best time to post on Instagram.

What is the best time to post on Instagram in India?

Before we head over to the universal trick to find the right tricks to get more likes on Instagram and how to attract more audience to your content, we would like to specify some basic right time to post your content on Instagram in India as India have some of the largest numbers of Instagram users in the world.

In India, the best time to post on Instagram in a day is around at 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Why? Because that is the time when most of the people are free and they have their phones to scroll social media. Whether there are students, job people, or normal people, most of them use social media in the evening. The time of posting on Instagram in the afternoon would be wrong if your normal audience is between the ages of 20 to 35.

If we have to pick the best day to post on Instagram in India then it would be Fridays or Saturdays. No, Sunday is not good as most of the people are just sleeping the whole day or some used the day to have some fun outside the digital world. So on Fridays and Sundays, most of the Indian audiences use social media according to several studies and researches is done on young users.

What is my best time to post on Instagram?

See, everybody does not have a similar audience or followers on Instagram so we all have different pick times when our maximum users are active. In order to find your personal best time to post content on Instagram, you have to use the Insight feature of Instagram. In Insight, you can check the various important things to know your audience. You can know in the “Audience” section about the time and days when most of your followers are active. So if you post at such time or before that then your post is likely to reach a large audience.  Access the “Insight” feature by tapping the three lines on your Instagram profile page and find it below “Settings” and “Archive.”

FYI, if you are using the Instagram account as a personal account then you can’t see the “Insight” option on your profile (by taping on three horizontal lines at the top-right). But you can switch to a professional account by amending some settings. Switching accounts will not affect your user experience but it will unveil some more features like Insight, Promotions, and others. Follow the steps below to switch to a professional account or business account.

  1. Open your profile on the Instagram app on your phone.
  2. Tap on the top-right corner with three lines and then open “Settings” from there.
  3. Here, select “Accounts”. Here, you shall see an option saying “Switch to a Professional Account” at the bottom with a blue color.
  4. After tapping on that, you have to select a type of profession account you want to create. For instance, for a business tap on “Business” and for any other professional like an artist, public figure, actor, singer, select “Creator.”
  5. Here, on the next few screens, you have to full fill the required details and fields for your account and within a minute your Instagram account will be switched to the professional one.
  6. Now tap on the same lines from your profile and you can open the “Insight” option to view various things that can help you to reach the larger audience and you can know the best time to post on Instagram.

Keep in mind that if you have just switch your account then the Insight details will be available after a week as it will collect the information of the audience in this period. Instant information will not be available. If you don’t like the professional account then you can switch again to the personal account anytime.

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