If you want to Turn Off Narrator On Xbox One and you wouldn’t know about how to do then here’s the way to easy to turn it off. Here are some possible ways, when it comes to gadgets or devices. if it might be possible that people might even not know what are the unlike available options and how they can advantage them. One such device is the XBox One by Microsoft which agrees to the people to play a lot of games.


How to Turn Off the Narrator on Xbox One

how to turn off narrator xbox one
Turn Off Narrator

There are four different way to Turn off the Narrator on Xbox One.

Note: Before you can start, you will have to sign in on Xbox live id

1#: Using Keyboard Shortcut

  • First Xbox One narrator can be turned on by just pressing the Windows key and enter simultaneously on the keyboard.
  • Likewise, if you want to turn off the narrator, then just follow the above step 1.

2#: Using your Controller Shortcut

  • On The Xbox One: Go to the home.
  • Now you will have to hold the Xbox logo button on the controller for a second. A power bar will appear, and your controller will vibrate.
  • Next to Go to Xbox logo button, press the menu button and slightly move the stick toward the right.

3#: Turn Off Xbox One Narrator via Settings

  • On the Home screen of Xbox One to scroll toward a right to open the guide
  • Scroll left and selected setting from the menu
  • Next to you will have to go to the option named Ease of Access.
  • Next to Select Narrator be scrolling right.
  • And then just highlight will appear on an option where you can turn Narrator on and off again. Press the A button on your controller to turn the narrator on. To turn it off, press the A button again.

4#: Using your Voice

  • If you want to turn the narrator of by using your voice then simply saying “Xbox, turn off Narrator.”
  • It’s easy to use Cortana to turn the narrator off and on. And it’s can be Open Cortana and speak, “Hey Cortana, turn on Narrator” or “Hey Cortana, turn off Narrator.”
  • Note: This feature may is limited to some regions and may not be available in some areas.

Have you ever by chance enabled the Xbox One Narrator? Are you relieved to know how to stop it? I hope that you like this post and share with everyone with your friends. If you are facing any problems then just let me know us in below comment section.

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