Mobile app development is sweeping the world as more and more businesses, and individuals realize how valuable these things are for outreach and communications. Data AI mentions that overall, around 3.8 trillion combined hours were spent using mobile apps through 2021. The demand for new app production is there since businesses have realized how useful these apps could be. However, there needs to be more qualified app builders to get those apps out the door. Thanks to this imbalance, applying for a mobile development online degree is a good option for someone looking for a career path that’s both lucrative and rewarding.

Why Opt for a Mobile Dev Degree?

If you can’t leverage being an athlete in college, there are other ways to get a well-paying job. Students may aspire to get their assignments done, asking, “how can I write my assignment online and be sure of a good grade?” An online mobile development degree takes place in a distributed online classroom, turning all your assignments into online assignments. Some universities offer a hybrid program, allowing you to attend virtual classes and in-person learning. Some even focus on newly emerging technology like Web3 app development. But which ones are the most affordable? Here, we explore seven of the best mobile app creation online degrees that won’t break the bank.


1.       Bellevue University, Nebraska – $7,752 Tuition

Bellevue University is a privately run tertiary education center in Nebraska focusing on technology. Its computer and information systems (CIS) degree combines information systems management, databases, and computer programming. You might not notice any mobile development courses in those broad headers, but they’re there. Computer programming and database management are core competencies that students must have when designing and implementing an application on a mobile device. There are also courses dedicated to mobile fundamentals as well as a hybrid approach to mobile application creation. All course material is designed to meet ACM and ABET’s stringent requirements, ensuring that you have an accredited degree.

2.       Fort Hays State University, Kansas – $9,920 Tuition

One of the more IT-centric universities in the US, Fort Hays, takes a different approach to student learning. There is no rigidly structured program demanding that students follow a rote methodology. Instead, students are encouraged to explore the parts of informatics they enjoy the most. There is an 18-course “backbone” of informatics, covering the basics of the field, including basic knowledge of databases and programming. From there, students can specialize in several areas, including online mobile application creation. There’s a 15-credit component that students can choose to pursue if that’s what they want out of the degree. There are also an additional 15 credits worth of topics that focus on particular operating systems like Android and iOS, making it an ideal place to learn about mobile app construction.

3.       Kennesaw State University, Georgia – $11,838 Tuition

Unlike the previous courses that have an in-depth focus on portable executables for handheld devices as a core part of their degree programs, Kennesaw State leans towards general IT. However, students can opt for a Mobile and Web Development concentration as part of their degree program. The five-course concentration gives you just enough to learn the basics of mobile executables without bogging you down with things you don’t need to know. Mobile web development and casual game development are covered in their respective courses, giving students a taste of both professional and entertainment uses. They even include a special topics course that helps students understand the nuances of particular discussions within the field of IT, including mobile package deployment.

4.       University of South Florida, Florida – $11,867 Tuition

If you’ve got an associate’s degree in IT or want to transfer to a great IT course, the University of South Florida is a good choice for mobile development. The downside of this degree is that lower-level and general education courses are only partially available online. However, all the higher-level courses are 100% online-based. Additionally, USF gives students a whopping six concentrations for their degree programs. The degree also offers specialized Applications and Mobile App Development course, which allows students to get up close and personal with the requirements for entering this industry. Independent study experience and industry internship will also gain you course credit towards completing your degree. These will also help you make valuable contacts within the application creation industry.

5.       Florida International University, Florida – $12,755 Tuition

Another Florida university makes it on the list here, offering a degree built on the foundations of IT and informatics. Candidates start with a basic introduction to networking and software engineering and then progress to their electives. This accredited online mobile app creation degree allows you to choose two of the five available electives, one of which is application development. By combining this choice with something else, like database management or web design, a student can develop a more well-rounded appreciation for the industry and application creation in general.

6.       Northwestern State University of Louisiana, Louisiana – $13,316 Tuition

While not the cheapest degree you can choose, Northwestern is one of the most well-regarded, despite its price. Over the last two decades, the program has regularly shown up in the university’s “areas of excellence” for producing graduates who make a real impact on the industry. Luckily, Northwestern offers an IT degree with an option for mobile app courses for students. Many businesses look to Northwestern for graduates to fill the ranks of their companies, meaning that attending this institution may give you a leg-up when searching for a job. The course itself builds from a foundation of programming into database and app engineering. Integration features very highly in the coursework that students will have to complete.

7.       Independence University, Utah – $16,968 Tuition

Independence University focuses primarily on giving its graduates the skills they need to do the jobs they want. They have a specially designed course that deals with software and mobile executables. Not only does it cover the basics like programming languages, database management, and low-level networking, but it also branches into things like user interface design and user experience. Moreover, since the degree looks at app development and design as a business, students will intersperse their programming courses with business management classes. These classes are designed to give students an appreciation for the business world alongside their knowledge of programming. If they opt to be freelancers, they have a fantastic background to grow from.

What Makes a Good Online Mobile App Development Degree

Mobile application dev takes skill and understanding. A foundation in software engineering and industry best practices carries over into your application creation. When choosing a degree, you should look at how strong the fundamentals being offered are and how relevant the courses are to your goals. IT degrees that don’t provide a tangible link between IT and app development may not be a good option for students trying to learn this discipline. Degrees are not cheap, and a loan for one assumes you can find a job to pay it off. Luckily, because of how in-demand app developers are, there is no shortage of jobs. Once you choose a degree with a strong foundation that focuses on the topic, you’ll be well-positioned to enter a lucrative IT field.

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