Have you ever wondered how iOS could look on your Windows PC? Do you think there should be an iOS emulator that can convert your computer to the iOS and then you run iOS apps on it smoothly? Well, there are many Android emulators in the market and you can install them easily on your Windows PC to install Android apps and games on your PC with Android emulators. But what if I tell you there is such an iOS emulator available as well. Yes, you can convert your PC into an iPad or iPhone and create an iOS user interface on your Windows device with iPadian –The best iOS and iPad simulator.


iPadian is simulator not emulator

Here, what you need to know about the iPadian is that it is an iOS simulator, not an emulator. So what is the difference between emulator and simulator? Well, the emulator is a tool that creates a different OS platform on your Windows PC and you can easily install apps and games on the emulator and run them from it. For example, BlueStacks is an Android emulator and with its help, you can install Android apps with Google Play Store and even APK files. On the other hand, a simulator is a tool that creates a look and UI of a particular OS on the Windows computer. So, iPadian actually makes your PC look like and iOS devices.

Important things you need to know about iPadian iOS simulator

Here are some of the things you should know before you install an iPadian on your Windows to convert it to iOS 13 or other iOS versions.

iPadian converts your Windows PC to iOS – Run iOS on Window

With iPadian, you can give an impression of iOS on your computer and feel the thrill of running iOS on your Windows PC and laptops. The UI and look is exactly similar to iOS (more like iPad than iPhone)

iPadian iOS simulator can run iOS apps on your Windows computer

Yes, we said simulator doesn’t allow you to install and run iOS apps on your PC but with iPadian, you can. How? There some popular apps made especially for iPadian that can run with iPadian on your PC. Apps like Instagram, Facebook, iMessage, WhatsApp, Spotify, and much more available through the iPadian App Store.

It is the most trusted iOS simulator – Most downloaded

iPadian has been downloaded for more than 10 million times and has over 1 million daily users worldwide. According to the site, more than 8 million iPadian users have loved this iOS simulator.

With iPadian you can run iOS 13 on your Windows

With the latest update of this tool, it is offering iOS 13 for Windows as well. So you can experience iOS 13’s dark mode on your Windows PC. Plus, from the setting options, users can select previous iOS versions from iOS 6 to iOS 10.

iPadian was free but now it costs $20

Earlier, iPadian was available for totally free but with the latest updates and some significant features added, it is available only as of the paid version. You can opt for PayPal or credit as the payment method and use this amazing iOS simulator. But keep in mind that there is nothing that won’t be available for free. So you can get a free cracked version of iPadian on the internet or try the old version for free.

How to install and setup iPadian on the PC

In order to use iPadian on your PC, you have downloaded it from the official site after paying $20 or you can get an iPadian cracked version from third-party websites but beware of adware and malware.

  1. Now unzip the downloaded file. Right-click on the file and select “Run as Administrator.”
  2. On the new prompt, check the box if you want to create a desktop shortcut and then click on the next
  3. Click on the “Next” again on the next screen that appears and the installation process will begin. Wait till it gets completed.
  4. Once it’s done successfully, the iPadian will be installed on your PC and you can run iOS 13 on your PC.

How to run iPadian and use iOS apps on Windows with it

  • Just open the iPadian tool on your PC and you will see the amazing iPad UI on your PC. You can navigate everything with PC.
  • Here you can see pre-installed iOS default apps as well as apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, and many others.
  • You can also explore and find more iOS apps on iPadian App Store and install them on the tool.

This is how you can use iOS apps on your Windows with iPadian.


Well, iPadian is the most favorite and downloaded iOS simulator for Windows and you can opt for it. The performance of the app is good and smooth. Some apps don’t run smoothly so you have a deal with it but iPadian ensures that every bug will be solved with the new updates. The negative of this tool is the fee. Some may not feel in guts to pay $20 and it is even right. So if you are a hardcore iOS fan and want to try this tool then you can go ahead and make your payment.