Sometimes you want to change the password of your Apple ID but you don’t remember your Apple ID. The first thing, you should know is that your email address can be your Apple ID if you have set it as your Apple ID. Sometimes, Apple ID can be different than your email but to make Apple ID, you have to have an email. So you can easily know your Apple ID from iForgot Apple ID page.

So, now you know Apple ID is the account you used to sign in to all Apple devices and services. Here are the ways to get access to your Apple ID.

The first thing to remember – Check if you are already signed in to your Apple device or services with Apple ID. If you are signed in with your Apple ID on any of your devices or web then you can know your Apple ID easily then you can proceed to change your Apple ID password. If you don’t remember both then you can try to find your Apple ID from the link given above. Here’s how to find your Apple ID from the device you are signed in using iForgot Apple ID official page.


iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

On your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch you can check your Apple ID from iCloud and iTunes & App Stores settings on the device.

For iCloud – Go to Settings, then select your name show at the top and on iOS 10.2 or earlier OS, got to Settings then select iCloud.

For iTunes & App Stores – Go to Settings then tap on your name and then select iTunes & App Stores and on iOS 10.2 or earlier OS, go to Settings, and then select iOS 10.2 or earlier.

On Mac

  • On your Mac, open Apple Menu => System Preference => click Apple ID
  • Apple Menu => System Preference => Internet Accounts => then iCloud
  • App Store => Store => View My Account
  • Open and Select FaceTime => Preferences => Settings
  • Messages => Preferences => Accounts

On your Apple TV

  • Settings => Accounts => iCloud
  • Settings => Accounts => iTunes and App Store

On your PC

  • Just open iCloud for Windows on your computer and you can see your Apple ID.
  • Open iTunes on your PC => Account => select View My Account (If you are signed in to your account then only you can see your account and email address)
  • So these are some of the best ways to find and know what your Apple ID is. Once you know your Apple ID, you can easily change your password.

What to do when you forgot your Apple ID password

Resetting your Apple ID password is not that hard if you know your Apple ID and you have device once you have signed in to. First, you need to know, what type of security you have used for your Apple ID i.e. Two-factor Authentication, Accounts with security questions, and Two-step verification.

Two-factor Authentication

If you have enabled 2FA for your Apple ID then you can easily reset your password from any iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Mac.

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Ensure your Apple device has iOS 10 or later OS versions.
  • Open Settings
  • On iOS 10.2 or previous versions, select iCloud => your account name => Password & Security => Change Password. Follow the instructions given on the screen.

Through Apple Website Service

  • Open
  • Enter your Apple ID in the box and then click on the “Continue”.
  • Now, you will be asked to enter the mobile number that you use with your Apple ID and then Continue.
  • Once you entered your phone number, your trusted iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch will show a popup, click “Allow” on it.
  • Now, your device will ask for your passcode and then you can set the new password of your Apple ID on the next screen.

Accounts with or without security questions and Two-step verification

  • Open
  • Select the option you want to use to reset your password then click Continue.
  • Select how to reset your password:
  • If your Apple ID account is secured questions that you have set up earlier then you can select “Answer security questions” and follow the rest of the steps.
  • If you have enabled 2FA the phone number will be asked and if you have enabled “security questions”, select “Answer security questions” and follow the next instructions.
  • If you have enabled two-step verification then you will be asked to enter Recovery Key. You can enter the key and reset your Apple ID password easily.

Final Words:

So these are some of the best and trusted ways to find your Apple ID and recover your Apple ID password. If you still are unable to access your Apple ID account then you can visit the Apple Store for the support.

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