Mobile betting has transformed the gambling industry, attracting new players, adding new elements and bringing the type of convenience that we all crave in our lives. With all of this, the future of mobile betting is definitely strong and as new players begin their betting lives, they are likely to turn to mobile betting and never go back.

Over time, more and more people will be using mobile betting sites and placing bets on the sports they love via their mobile phone. This will be instead of betting on a computer, or finding a local bookmaker if you have them because the service on offer from mobile betting sites simply cannot be matched.

If you are still not involved with mobile betting, or you are doing your research before you make the jump and join in, here are the main perks and benefits of mobile betting and the reason why so many people love it.


The Convenience Factor

If you look at the way we all live our lives, we do so in the most convenient way possible. Regardless of what industry or sector you are looking at, if someone creates a product that will make life more convenient for us all then it will usually do well.

That has certainly been the case with mobile betting, we have seen cooperation between the mobile industry and the gambling industry which has led to mobile betting sites and this type of wagering is now extremely popular.

Rather than having to be on a computer to place online bets, people can place them on their phone. Needing a computer means that you need to be at home, where the computer is, now with a mobile phone to bet on, you need to be with your phone which is easy for us because we all carry our phones around.

From being out with friends to being at work, watching sport, on a commute or anything else, these are all occasions when people have their mobile phones with them. All that is needed after this is a connection to the internet, which is built-in and available for most people, there is nothing else to do or think about.

Phones are not simply for calling or messaging people anymore. Now we use phones to run our lives and complete multiple tasks. Betting is one of them, the phones we have are of a high quality and capable of handling anything that a betting site or betting app needs to do.


Thanks to mobile betting, more people than ever before now have access to betting. In the early days, wagering was not available in many countries, because you needed local bookmakers to place bets, or you had to be at a sporting event.

Then the internet came along and people could bet on a computer. This gave the opportunity for many more people to get involved, and they could do so from the comfort of their own home, but not everyone had a computer they could use.

Now we are at mobile betting, and this has opened up the doors because more people have a mobile phone compared to the numbers that have a computer. With each advancement, betting has opened the doors for a lot more people to get involved.

They won’t all get involved, but the key is that they are given the option, and this is how the industry has managed to keep growing over the past few years.

Accessibility to betting and a bookmaker is on a completely new level now, it has never been as easy to sign up and bet, and much of that is down to mobile betting and how that has spread around the world. Even countries that have no history of betting are now able to get involved, and the people living there can begin to bet if they want.

Betting While at Sporting Events

Some sporting events such as horse racing and greyhound racing are tied into sports betting, so they have bookmakers who work at the track and accept bets of those who are in attendance. However, for other sports, especially football, there is not an option to bet while you are there and watching.

Mobile betting allows you to do that, all you need to have is your mobile phone and an internet connection and you are able to sit in your seat and place bets, either before kick-off or during play via the in-play markets.

Football is a great example because in the past, people would have to place bets before they went to the game. This forced them into betting without knowing the team news and what conditions would be like.

Now with mobile betting, you can bet while you are in the ground, with all the information you need to try and make your bet a success.

Place In-Play Bets Quicker

The reason in-play betting was created is that people could bet faster and get involved from home. It worked on computers, but now with mobile phones, it works far better, and that has attracted a lot more people.

The reason for this is because people do not need to move away from the live-action to place a bet. They can be sat at home watching live and use their phone to place a bet on what they think will happen next in the game.

In days before mobile betting, that person may have needed to move to a different room where the computer was in order to place the bet. Alternatively, they may have not even been at home to bet and were out watching with friends.

Betting quicker, especially in play, has been a real positive for mobile betting, we can bet when and where we want, without having to leave the action when we are watching live. With this option open, more people are likely to place an in-play bet because of the way these are done on a mobile.