There have been many advancements to casino gaming in recent years, giving us an incredibly good service that players can take advantage of. Of the advancements we have seen, some are based on the gaming side of things, so we have seen bigger and better games created as well as more choice.

However, some are based on the actual service, and other key elements to playing online, such as mobile play, apps, customer support and how we pay for the wagers we place inside these casinos.

There has been a shift in payment methods, with things such as pre-paid cards, mobile payments and e-wallets all coming to the fore and going alongside the established payment methods such as debit and credit card payments or bank transfers.

What this does is gives players choice and the freedom to pick a payment method that suits them. With more people turning to mobile play and accessing games through mobile casinos and apps, there has been a rise in mobile payment methods being used.

For players in Europe, one mobile payment method has been around for many years and it is one that many casinos accept, this is Siru Mobile. Founded in 2011 in Finland, it has spread around other parts of Europe and for those who play casino games on mobile, this mobile payment option is a perfect accompaniment.

Siru Mobile Payment Method for Casinos

With mobile payments still relatively new across many sectors including gambling, many guides such as have been written. These guides explain everything that people need to know about how they should use that particular payment method and the advantages of it.

We are now in a time where many people live their entire life through a mobile phone, so it makes sense to use it as a payment method too. We no longer use a phone for calls and texts, these devices are now used for many other things, most of which require money. From shopping to gambling, ordering food and booking tickets, we now do it all on our mobile phone.

Every one of these requires a payment to be made, so having one on your phone gives you the convenience of not needing to carry anything else with you.

How Does Siru Mobile Work?

A Siru mobile payment in terms of sending the money across to a casino works in exactly the same way as other payments. You enter your details and send the money across, which is instantly placed into your account, so you can play casino games straight away.

However, the way in which you pay for this type of payment is very different, and it is important to understand this.

The Siru mobile payment will be added to your bill which you will pay on a monthly basis. When you receive your bill, you will get your standard phone charge, plus the Siru payments, plus fees for those payments.

This makes it effectively like credit betting, because let’s say for example you make a deposit and play on the 10th of the month, you won’t pay for that until your mobile bill is due, which could be the 30th of the month.

What this does is keeps everything uniformed and tidy for the person who is gambling, you can see what transactions you have made over the money and then pay for them all together with one payment when your bill is due.

To be eligible for Siru mobile payments, you need to have a mobile contract with one of the phone operators. This is all that is needed, you don’t need a credit or debit card to be able to pay, and you don’t need to set up a new account as you would with e-wallet payments for example.

The Advantages of Using a Mobile Payment Method

Transactions made using Siru mobile are simple, straight forward and best of all they happen instantly. With this instant payment, you can head right into your mobile casino and play your favourite games straight away.

There is also a great safety element with these payment methods. You will be sent codes to your mobile phone, which you will always have and keep safe, while your bill is one that you pay on time and you trust the sender of it.

You will not be open to scams by playing and depositing in this way, and you won’t have to make up new relationships with new companies to get their trust.

Billing is also something you can handle easily. Rather than looking for numerous payments into your mobile casino on your card statement or with an e-wallet, you know that thanks to Siru mobile, you will get just one bill with all of your transactions highlighted on there. This makes it far easier to keep up to speed with your gambling and what you have been doing.

Along those lines, we also really like the fact that small limits are in place here, to keep your gambling under control and prevent you from making mistakes. Effectively, your mobile phone operator is covering your gambling costs during the month until you pay your bill.

With this, they will impose a limit on the payments you can add to your bill and that means you will have small casino limits which you need to adhere to. These limits are based around deposits, rather than money spent or games played, but will still do enough to keep you under control and enjoy your gambling.

The only people who may have an issue with this are those who bet in bigger amounts, but with the majority of people being casual fun gamblers, these limits are going to come in and be used by players.

Essentially, you are keeping track of your gambling and making sure it doesn’t go out of control without putting a limit on your gambling account, which will affect the money you spend and the time you spend on the site.

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