There are many times when you need a flashlight but don’t have easy access to one. That’s where the approach of shaking the phone to turn on the flashlight comes into the role. While it might sound crazy at once, it is a beneficial feature and can do the best for you when you need a flashlight instantly.

But here the question comes that how this function works and whether you have to install a third-party app or not. Here’s mentioned a complete guide on how you can execute this feature by just shaking your phone.

Why Flashlights are Mainly Used For?

Before we jump into the process or any specific app, let’s find out why we usually require flashlights and what exactly makes them a matter of discussion.

Flashlights are commonly used for a number of reasons. Many people keep a flashlight in their homes in case of a power outage. Others use them when they are camping or hiking so that they can see in the dark. Some people even keep a flashlight in their car in case of an emergency.

There are a number of reasons why someone might need to use a flashlight on their Android phone. Maybe you’re looking for something in your purse or backpack and it’s too dark to see. Or maybe you’re trying to take a picture at night and you need some extra light. Whatever the reason, it’s easy to shake your phone to turn on the flashlight.

How to turn on the Flashlight by Shaking Your Phone?

You can easily turn on flashlights by enabling a specific gesture on your smartphone. Follow the steps mentioned below and see if this hack helps you out or not.

  • To initiate the process, go to the Settings tab and scroll down to locate the Gestures option.
  • Now, if you find a Flashlight gesture, enable it by using the toggle switch and try to use the flashlight by shaking your phone.

Now, you must have to remember that the flashlight gesture might vary from one phone to another.

OnePlus Phones

  • If you have a OnePlus model, then you can turn on the flashlight by drawing the V on the screen; however, make sure that the screen is turned off to let this gesture work.

Motorola Models

  • For Motorola smartphones, you can easily enable the flashlight by shaking your device in a chopping motion.

Here comes a catch!! Not all smartphones come with built-in flashlight gestures and unfortunately, there’s no direct way of checking the same. You have to explore the Settings tab thoroughly to find whether your smartphone has this feature or not.

If it has, then you can simply toggle the gesture to get the job done but if hasn’t, then you need to put some extra effort and turn to the third-party app to enable the flashlight instantly.

The Best Third-Party App to Turn on the flashlight by Shaking Your Phone – Shake Flashlight

While the internet is packed with tons of third-party app that help you turn on the flashlight easily, there’s one option that you cannot afford to miss – Shake Flashlight.

This app allows you to shake your phone to turn on the flashlight, making it super convenient when you need some extra light in a dark situation.

It is incredibly easy to use. Just install it from the Google Play Store and launch it. Then, when you need to turn on your flashlight, simply shake your phone. The app will automatically turn on the flashlight for you. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the shake sensor so that it turns on the light with just a little shake, or a more vigorous one.

One of the great things about Shake Flashlight is that it doesn’t require any special permissions to work. That means that it won’t have any impact on your battery life or privacy like some other apps do.


That’s it, folks. If you’re ever in a dark situation and need a little extra light, don’t panic — your Android phone likely has a flashlight feature that you can use. To turn on the flashlight on most Androids, simply shake the phone slightly.

If your phone doesn’t have a built-in flashlight feature, there are also many free flashlight apps available for download in the Google Play store. Did you enjoy reading the guide? Feel free to share your views with us in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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