CTV advertising, or connected TV advertising, enables brands to connect with consumers through smart TVs and other devices.

Think of it as advertising that is fully measurable, highly targetable, and serves suitable viewers to influence and motivate them to take action and support demand generation initiatives.

Looking at the latest TV-watching statistics will tell you everything you need to know about the importance of CTV advertising. Everyone is streaming, and most are streaming on two or more devices daily.

Now that we understand what it is, it’s time to dive right into how to optimize your ad strategy for connected tv viewing.


Performance Metrics

With the help of connected TV, advertisers have a fantastic opportunity to connect with millions of potential consumers.

Even though connected TV is primarily used as a channel for brand awareness, forward-thinking advertisers are making more and more effort to integrate it into their performance marketing mix.

By tracking the effectiveness of connected TV, advertisers can broaden the audience of their campaigns and boost conversion rates.

Combine CTV Advertising With Cable Or Broadcast Advertising

To increase the efficiency of your TV advertising in 2023, combine cable or broadcast ads with CTV advertisements. While CTV offers precision targeting, don’t be myopic.

Do not forget that it is only one tool in your “large TV” toolbox. Utilize a comprehensive strategy and all available options to reach a larger audience.

If you do this, you’ll maximize your investment and establish connections with the appropriate individuals at the proper time.

Ads Should Be Relevant, Personalized, And Discrete.

The primary objective should be to deliver viewers with personalized, relevant, and undetectable ads.

Using data and analytics, target the right audience and enhance ad performance while ensuring a seamless and pleasurable viewing experience for the viewer.

Keep up with the most recent developments in streaming trends and technologies to ensure your marketing campaigns remain successful and competitive.

Guidelines For Targeting In CTV Ad Campaigns

By this point, your KPIs have been established, along with your optimization strategies, plans, and audience-based creative choices.

First and foremost, contextual advertising solutions are affordable, scalable, and privacy-friendly, which makes them an obvious choice for CTV campaigns.

These audience groups are broken down into content categories, broadcast types, production types, app stores, and devices in order to more effectively target media based on user viewing habits.

For example, a company that sells furniture for the home might want to put its advertisements in a content category for home DIY projects. Additionally, gamers who access CTV content via gaming consoles may be a target audience for a gaming company.

CTV marketers can also use private marketplace deals (PMPs) to target consumers who value their privacy. Advertisers can enhance a PMP auction with contextual, first-party, and demographic data layers to more precisely target particular demographics.

Marketers can also include geotargeting, dayparting, and retargeting in their CTV campaigns as additional crucial targeting strategies. With the help of these, marketers can reach viewers in specific locations and extend their first-party segments across devices.

Principles To Follow To Measure CTV Ad Campaigns

As was previously discussed, fragmentation is one of the most critical issues facing CTV advertisers, and it can be tough to measure and report on.

Intentionally planning and optimizing toward particular key performance indicators (KPIs) is one of the best ways to keep your attention on the task. This will also help to ensure that you’re connecting with the appropriate audiences in the proper ways.

The question is, which KPIs should marketers consider when developing CTV campaigns? Let’s take a look.

  • Video completion rate: the percentage of times an advertisement is watched through to the end
  • Reach: the total population exposed to an advertisement at least once over a predetermined period  
  • Top-performing tactic: which software, hardware, or websites have the most significant impact on your target market
  • Impressions delivered: how often a commercial is shown to the target audience in a given time frame
  • Cost per completed view: views of all videos viewed for a total of all advertisements
  • Frequency: how frequently someone is exposed to an advertisement
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