Here, I explain to How to Reset Nexus 5X and Reset nexus 5X Using to method soft reset and hard Reset and experience major problems with your Google Nexus 5X or if you plan to sell after likely want to reset the phone that is best for all time.

Here, See below Steps by Steps method to solve this problem and very easy Reset your Phone Nexus 5X that is best.

How to Restart Nexus 5X

How to Reset Nexus 5X

Here, simply forcing the device to restart, if just simply locked up and won’t respond and also force the device to restart to just hold down the Power and Volume Down buttons for around eight to fifteen seconds after turn the device off successfully and you to turn it back on that best.

How to Hard Reset Nexus 5X for Phone Menu

How to Reset Nexus 5X

Here, see below steps will erase data from the phone and also set it back to factory defaults after following Steps.

Step 1: Select Apps.

Step 2: After going to Settings.

Step 3: After Click Backup and Reset.

Step 4: Tap Factory Data Reset.

Step 5: After Select the Reset Phone button.

Step 6: Select Erase everything to confirm.

Step 7: Power off and come back on.

Step 8: Done.

How to Hard Reset Nexus 5X for Recovery Menu 

How to Reset Nexus 5X

Step 1: here, the First device is powered off.

Step 2: Press and hold Volume Down button while holding the Power button to turn the device on.

Step 3: here, the phone vibrates after going of both buttons and with the bootloader menu.

Step 4: Use the volume buttons in the Recovery mode.

Step 5: Press Power and Volume Up.

Step 6: After Release Volume Up after 5 seconds but continues to hold Power.

Step 7: Continue to hold Power after see the Android Recovery menu.

Step 8: Press Volume Down you highlight Wipe Data and Factory Reset.

Step 9: Press the Power to select this option.

Step 10: Press Volume Down till you highlight Yes Delete All User Data.

Step 11: Press Power to select this option.

Step 12: here, the device comes back up and more menu with Reboot System Now selected after press the Power button to confirm.

Step 13: Done.

Here, the complete guide on How to Reset Nexus 5X and you read this guide very helpful for you.

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