Here, this article for How to enable or Disable Google Feed in your android devices and Google Feed feature on the Android devices is considered great by some users and also some people live by their Google Feed cards for this Google Feed.

Google Feed

What is a Google Feed?

Google Feed work for notice a stream of news stories underneath the search bar and Google Feed a like the stories on Twitter or Face book’s timeline But is it enough to get you to check back for new stuff every day and there was also a smattering of politics and general news that is called for Google Feed.

How to Enable or Disable Google Feed for Android

Google Feed

Follow, below steps to Enable and Disable Google Feed in your android device, see below steps.

Step 1: Go to Home screen.

Step 2: tap Apps.

Step 3: Choose Google.

Step 4: Tap the Menu button in the upper-left corner.

Step 5: Select Settings.

Step 6: Choose your feed.

Step 7: Set the settings on the screen.

Step 8: Set it to on or off.

Step 9: You can also set a Ringtone or Vibrate option on urgent updates.

Step 10: Done.

Google Feed setting turns the entire Google Now feature on and off and you can also choose to delete your Google Feed preferences and disable Google Feed on all the devices to your account that is best all time.

Now completed guide for How to Enable or Disable Google Feed for Android and you read this guide very useful for you.