Flixtor is one of the best free websites to watch movies and TV shows online in HD. Users don’t need to pay any subscription fee and no registration is required. With its massive collection of films and series, you will never be bored. All the movies and shows are well-categorized. Movies can be sorted and filtered by year, country, genre, and others. All the latest TV shows are presented in full episodes.

The developers of flixtor are quick to update to all the latest movies and TV shows for free for the users worldwide. The website can be accessed at flixtor.stream. Now you must be wondering if flixtor is such a great free streaming site then why would you need its alternative. The reason is that Flixtor is an illegal website so it changes its domain very often and it becomes hard to find it every now and then. So, here are some legal movie streaming websites that can be the top alternatives to Flixtor.


Top Free & Legal Streaming Sites 2021 | Best Alternatives to Flixtor 2021


YouTube has long ceased to be a portal for short clips only but it has become a full-on streaming site like Flixtor where users can watch legal movies and shows.  Original Films and shows from YouTube are now being distributed on the site, but there are some channels that legally and freely stream full-length films. So, it can be one of the biggest and easy to access sites where users can watch lots of movies and shows at no cost but yes, ads would be a problem.


The Internet Archive not only collects old versions of websites, but also films for which copyright protection has expired, or films and TV content that the license holders have released for them. This makes the Internet Archive an interesting point of contact for fans of silent films and older TV programs. Everything is totally free here so it can be a great alternative to Flixtor. Along with movies and shows, it also has books, videos, and many other things for free,


Viewster has become CONtv now but it has the same offering for the users. This site has a focus on content like action, animated films, cartoons, fantasy, horror, martial arts, sci-fi, and video games. In addition to the browser, the service can be used via apps for Android, iOS, and various smart TVs. CONtv can be one of the most important alternatives to Flixtor to watch free movies, shows, as well as anime.


The Internet Movie Database is one of the oldest websites that still exist. Amazon has been the official owner for many years. Since Amazon does not want to offer completely free films in its shop, it first started the free offer IMDb TV in the USA. Other countries will follow soon. IMDb is a good collection of movies and shows. All the contents are curated here. It is totally free so the problem of ads is persistent but it can a great Flixtor alternative to watch legal movies and shows for free.


PlutoTV is also quite young and recently it has been made available in the browser.  Pluto TV app for iOS, Android, and Fire TV can be downloaded from the official app stores. Mainly content from Viacom channels such as MTV, Comedy Central, or the children’s channel Nickelodeon is broadcast. Due to the merger between Viacom and CBS, CBS content could also appear on PlutoTV in the future – you should watch the service that is in its infancy, at least. It is legal to watch but it is available in selected countries. Pluto TV also offers free live TV channels streaming for free.


Popcorn Times can be one of the top similar sites like Flixtor and it is a legal portal that mainly offers older classic films and shows. It is available worldwide and can be accessed on any device you have. Initially, there were already 1000 films with advertisements running on the site, even from the silent film era. The offer is to be expanded continuously, even with newer film classics. So, it can be a great free movie website to access lots of movies and TV shows.

Plex TV

Plex is actually known for its client-server system for private media content. If you want to use Plex’s fairly new free streaming offer, you must first create an account. You can do this with your own email address, a Google account, or a Facebook login. The offer can then be used either via the app or directly in the browser. All free content can be found in the “Movies & TV” area. It is a premium looking site and offers all the things you need at zero cost. If you want a good Flixtor alternative at zero cost then Plex TV can be one of the best alternatives for you.

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle has been rearranged in recent years due to the superiority of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Instead of offering only classic movies and TV shows of theirs, they are now also recommending their own films and series, and many media libraries have also adapted to the styles of Netflix and Amazon in terms of visual presentation. This legal free movie streaming site and an alternative to Flixtor is now available in many countries. One has to register for free to enjoy the free HD movie streaming online here.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is still very young, the films can be viewed directly in the browser but the registration is still required. Tubi’s core business continues to be the marketing of paid on-demand content. The free and ad-financed offer can be found under the menu item “Free.” At the moment mostly curated and classic movies and shows are offered. In addition, a short film series can be viewed free of charge. Along with all these, this online service has some of its original movies and shows just like Netflix and Amazon. So, Tubi can be a free Netflix alternative and a similar site like Flixtor.

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