What is Pokemon Go IV Calculator? – Pokémon Go IV calculator is a powerful source for the trainer as it helps to determine the strength of your Pokémon, its competency in battle and overall CP or Combat Points of your Pokémon. High IV indicates the more power of Pokémon so higher the IV more powerful Pokémon. There are various ways to calculate IV with Pokemon Go IV Calculators. Some Pokemon Go IV Calculators breach the terms and conditions of Pokemon Go so beware of using, them but there are some other Pokémon Go IV Calculators which are legal and so we are going to discuss the best Pokémon Go IV checkers in this post which are legal.

So before we head into the topic, you should be familiar with tricks on how to check whether IV checker or IV calculator that you are using is illegal or legal. The first thing is quite simple whether it can calculate or check IV or not, as there are several fake IV calculator apps are available on the market. Kindly note that genuine IV checkers and Pokemon IV calculators use the information from the game to make relevant and educated guesses about your Pokemon’s IV. Some IV calculators breach game servers to generate exact numbers and that is totally illegal. Apart from this to check the credibility of Pokemon Go IV checker, note that legal IV checkers do not ask for login details. So if you feel the risk to use illegal Pokemon Go IV checker, check out our list of the top best Pokémon Go IV calculators 2019.

GoIV (IV Calculator) is one of the top and most popular Pokémon Go IV calculators in the market right now. GoIV (IV Calculator) uses your Pokémon’s CP, HP, level, and other metrics to determine your Pokemon’s IV. It is available and supports many languages except Chinese. It is super easy to use. GoIV (IV Calculator) takes screenshots of the game and then checks the IV. It includes renaming features, a Gym Badge progress reader, and perfect counters to raid bosses. Players can get the information for weather buffs several other things. It is totally free and doesn’t contain any ads. Since it is free, it can have a few bugs which are solves by its developers ASAP.

Calcy IV is another popular IV calculator and in our opinion is among the top IV calculator.  However, it was removed from Play Store and right now it is available to download for free but to use its premium services you can use app-in-purchase. Calcy IV uniquely calculates IV of your Pokemon. Additionally, it helps to predict power up stats, a Gym Badge progress reader, and perfect counters to raid bosses, a renaming function, and scan your Pokémon for exporting. It is one of the best and reliable Pokemon Go IV checker and calculator on the Google Play Store.

Poke Genie is available on the Google Play Store and it is another one of the top most popular legal and genuine Pokémon Go IV Checkers. Poke Genie extracts and uses information from the screen of the game to stay above board. It has good algorithms to check and calculates IV of Pokemon. Poke Genie includes deeper stat insights. Poke Genie comes with a renaming feature and it will tell you if you can solo a raid or not. It stores the history of your scanned Pokémon for future reference. It also offers a screenshot method in case your device doesn’t support screen overlays. Some users online complain about heavy data usage plus performance issues but its services are good so such issues could be ignored. It is one of the most rated Pokemon Go IV calculator apps on the Google Play Store.

Evolution CP & IV Calculator for Pokémon gen 4 is an unofficial app to help, improve your adventure by providing IV calculators for your Pokémon. It supports English, French, German, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese. It is one of the most downloadable Pokemon Go IV checker apps with over 1 million downloads in more than 110 countries. It is highly optimized and a complete toolkit for Pokemon trainers. You can find everything legendary with pokemon. It doesn’t require the internet and it is 100 percent safe against any bans. This complete app includes CP Calculator, IV Calculator, Hatch Egg, Level Reward, Weaknesses, Lucky Egg Calculator, and Raid Bosses and Legendary.

This has to be one of the best Pokemon Go IV calculators on the Google Play Store right now. One doesn’t have to log in and it is totally safe so you don’t have to worry about getting banned. It is super easy to use where you can check IV in a single click and it has the same rating system and rich information with IVGo. Currently, it supports alphabet, Chinese, Korean, Japanese monster names only. If you get an issue of miniball then you can stop it by dropping out the notification bar and click the notification item. Then click the “STOP” button on IVGo Offline’s main page.

Final World:

So this is how you can check the CP and IV of your pokemon. We recommend you to use legal Pokemon Go IV checker so you don’t get banned. If you know some other applications to check IV of your pokemon then let us know in the comment box.