So, you are eagerly waiting for the release of the CarX Street Racing game for Android. Well, unfortunately, it will heartbreaking for you to know that developers again postpone the release date of the game until December 2022, which means that you still have to wait for a while to enjoy this one-of-a-kind open-world racing experience.

The news came as a huge shocker last week when makers announce to delay of the Android release of the CarX Street for the second time. It was originally slated for November 2021 and then delayed by almost a year to September 2022 and now it will be set to release in December 2022.

But don’t worry as we are hoping that the game will finally release this time without any further delay. Till then, you can find more updates about the downloading procedure and pre-order requisites here. Scroll down the page and learn everything you need to know about CarX Street.

Is it possible to download the CarX Street Now?

Well, since the game hasn’t been released yet, there’s no specific link available to download the game. But as we are talking about the Android version, we hope the process won’t be so hard and you will get the game just like other third-party applications.

Once the game will be available for Android smartphones, you can

  1. Go to the Google Play Store.
  2. Enter the CarX Street Racing in the search box and locate the game.
  3. Click on the Install button located next to the game and follow the on-screen prompts and payments to complete the process.

However, remember that the guide mentioned above is just a rough or you can approximate idea as we cannot confirm anything before it releases for Android officially.

Can you pre-order the game?

Pre-ordering a game is the best way to secure your item beforehand but since we are discussing the Android version, we are not sure whether you can actually pre-order CarX Street.

But, it’s good to know that the only place where you can pre-order this game is via Steam, and that’s for the PC version. The price hasn’t been listed yet so, you can just wishlist the same and wait until developers will release both PC and Android versions officially.

What you can expect from the CarX Street Racing Game?

Have you ever wondered why the game which hasn’t been released yet and kept on delaying is creating so much curiosity among players? Well, the reason lies in its official trailer, reflecting the fine-tuned car, open-world game, and stunning backdrop.

The game is going to open the world of street racing for players so they can get plunge into the real experience of night racing while savoring spectacular views out there. With the latest CarX technology and tons of vehicle options, this game will surely live up to its hype.


That concludes with the guide and information to download the CarX Street for Android. You can stay in touch with us for further updates about the game. CarX Street is going to be a great hit among gamers worldwide and hence, you can fasten your seatbelts as the Android version is a few months away now.

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