The rules of roulette are simple — wager on a number and hope that the spun ball lands on it. At least, this is how it works in the physical gaming house. The introduction of the spinning wheel to the internet has produced different game variations, creating a sophisticated gaming experience for gamers that want to play roulette online.

The access to several variants of the game, such as the European and American versions, on the internet means more people want to play the game, as millions of people now prefer to play roulette online rather than visit a land-based casino.

Over the years, the narrative has been that this game requires no strategy and can be played on pure luck. This is not true. Playing roulette online requires specific tips and strategies.

However, many players do not know the essential information required to play and be successful at roulette. This article will discuss these crucial tips.

Expert Tips To Win Roulette

The wheel of fortune has been around for many decades. Several players have studied the games over the years and have discovered some strategies that can help improve the odds of winning. Here are some of these expert tips:

1. Know the Different Variants

The roulette wheel comes in different versions depending on the variant you are playing, and these variations also spot diverse house edges.

There’s the European version with 1 zero and 36 pockets — this holds a house edge of 2.7%, while the American version has 36 pockets with 2 zeroes, doubling its house edge to 5.4%. Another popular version is the French roulette wheel with 36 pockets and one zero.

Like many other games, these variants have different rules that govern them. You should understand the type of roulette you are playing to know the various strategies you’ll apply to them.

2. Place Corner Bets

Corner bets, also known as four-number wagers, are a sure way to make money when playing online roulette. It’s simple. Choose the corresponding numbers around a winning number and place bets on them.

This is easier when you place your chips at the center of the joined numbers. According to mathematical scholars, the four-number bets can be placed strategically across 22 points on the wheel, giving you an 8:1 odds against the casino.

3. The Martingale Strategy is Effective

The classic Martingale strategy advises gamblers to double their wagers for the next round if they lose the current game. However, if the next round wins you money, you should reverse back to your initial wager.

Many players have successfully used this strategy to win real money — hence its popularity. The strategy aims to recover your initial losses by earning big on the second. If all goes well, Martingale’s strategy will help you leave the wheel as a victor.

4. Try the Fibonacci Sequence

The Fibonacci strategy adheres to a number sequence. With this strategy, a number equals the two numbers following it. For instance: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 is a Fibonacci series that encourages players to increase their next wager by the two preceding numbers if they lose a round and track their bets back by two numbers after a win.

This strategy is set to help you gain more after a loss and not overspend after a win. The Fibonacci series should only be used for outside bets such as the odd or even, red to black, and high or low stakes. Using it on an inside bet can be an automatic loss.

5. Stick to Bets With Higher Odds

With online roulette, bets with lower odds tend to carry higher payout rates but low chances of winning. This is usually the casino’s attempt to entice you to a bet that won’t bring you money. For example, single-number bets are designed with flashy payouts, but the odds of winning are low.

Ensure you avoid these kinds of plays as they could hinder your chances of winning during a game. This doesn’t mean you can’t win with these types of bets, but you should consistently avoid the betting pattern.

Final Thoughts

You can positively increase your chances of winning at online roulette with the right tips and strategies. Applying the expert tips above can help you win real money.

However, it’s also essential to learn the art of discipline when playing, as this will help you know when to stop playing and avoid excessive gambling leading to loss of money.