If you are a music lover, chances are that you know about the Pandora app and how seamless it is to stream music on this app. However, there is a catch. 

Most Pandora users, over the years, have complained about an issue that’s quite off-putting and concerning too. According to the users, the Pandora app starts playing out of nowhere and without any kind of warning.

If you have been facing similar issues with your Pandora app and have been looking for a permanent fix, we will discuss more on this in this guide.

What is the reason Pandora randomly starts playing?

Several active users on Twitter have, over the years, complained about issues with the Pandora app and how it starts playing music even when they have closed the app from the background.

What’s even more frustrating is that the app starts playing music without any warning, putting people in a state of pickle. Users have taken this issue to Twitter to explain what they have been experiencing to get some resolutions for the issue.

This particular fault of the Pandora app has also led to many users deleting the app and switching to some other streaming platforms for their music fix.

When several users addressed Pandora the issue, asking for help and causes, Pandora’s social media support team only responded with “Our experts are looking into the matter.” However, they haven’t shared any information as to why the issue happened in the first place.

How to Fix “Pandora randomly starts playing” Issue?

Pandora has time and time addressed the issues and while they have said that they are extremely disappointed about the issue, they haven’t been able to find any potential resolutions for the issue.

In their Android troubleshooting steps, the developers confirmed that while they have shared a few ways to troubleshoot the problem, none of them have helped resolve the issue.

Several users have tried to uninstall and then reinstall the app to see if anything would help in fixing the issue but it looks like none of them are working as they should, which has left the audience in a state of anguish.


Pandora is no doubt a great music streaming platform but we can’t deny the fact that the “random music playing” error has been getting on people’s nerves and putting them in embarrassing situations, to say the least. If any solid resolution is released by Pandora, we’ll share those in the future.

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