A re-imagination of Pokemon Emerald’s Battle Pike, Pokemon Hell Girl is something you shouldn’t miss out on. It is one of the fan-made games, keeping you engaged for a longer. As the name suggests, this game revolves around a female protagonist, named a Hell Girl, who wants to become the queen of hell.

Since it is based on a female character, Pokemon Hell Girl entices all kinds of gamers (whether a girl or a boy) from every nook and corner of the world. This game features multiple stages and mega evolutions to add thrill and excitement to the overall gaming experience.

New to the Pokemon Hell Girl and don’t know where to begin? Fret not, as our team has done a job for you. Keep scrolling the page and navigate to the detailed information about the game, its gameplay, and instructions to download it. Buckle up and get started.

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What makes Pokemon Hell Girl Worth Playing?

Since Pokemon Hell Girl is a fan-made game, most gamers wonder whether they should invest their energy and time in this game or just skip it. If you are one of those and wondering the same, this subhead might be for you.

Here’s a quick rundown of features that make this game worth adding to your collection.

  • Multiple Stages to explore

The first and foremost feature that has offered this game an edge is its multiple stages and mega evolution. Pokemon Hell Girl is packed with 5 stages, 5 bosses, 75 randomized rooms, easy and hard modes, generations, fiery battles, gothic metals, and more to keep you involved for hours. Each stage brings its own excitement and thrill and is worth exploring.

  • Gripping gameplay

The next best factor of the game that makes it worth adding to your gaming collection is its gripping gameplay. The game’s settings and intriguing sound lay hold on the gamer’s mind. The game is packed with multiple challenges and battles that keep you on the edge of your seat.

  • Easy Controls

While the game is clasping and the storyline is amazing, Pokemon Hell Girl, overall, doesn’t involve any learning curve. You can easily understand what exactly is happening and where you must navigate to proceed further in the game. It has no complex controls and fussy navigations to hinder your experience.

  • Allows you to choose from the team of Pokemon

Another best part of the game is its ability to make you choose among multiple teams of Pokemon. These Pokemon will then help you win the race and battles, so you can easily become the queen of hell, as desired. The game offers stunning graphics to deliver a life-like experience, and will surely transport the gamer to a fantasy world.

A Quick Introduction to Pokemon Hell Girl Gameplay

Wondering how to play the game? Well, the game is gripping yet simple to understand, so you don’t have to spend a lifetime knowing the tactics. While you choose a team of multiple Pokemon, only three of them will accompany you on this daunting quest. Train them hard, and then select the three best warriors that will help you win the battle.

Once you select the Pokemon and embark on the journey through the dungeons of hell to become the queen, you’ll then be challenged by Skull Soldier, Kabutops. Remember that no matter what happens, you must face all challenges and win. The game has only two outcomes – either you’ll become the queen or rot in hell forever.

Also, you must be aware of the fact that you cannot become a queen of Hell without crushing all those bigwigs. Hence, do whatever it takes and use all weapons in your arsenal to beat those monsters and acquire the queenship.

A Guide to Downloading the Pokemon Hell Girl GBA for Android

Are you done with the basics? Let’s move on to the steps to download the Pokemon Hell Girl GBA for Android, so you can immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. So, shall we start the download guide? Pay close attention to all steps and let them complete with dedication and care.

  1. Begin with launching the web browser on your Android and search for the Pokemon Hell Girl GBA for Android.
  2. You will then find multiple third-party websites. But keep in mind that not all of them are worth trusting; hence, select the one that seems reliable.
  3. Once you enter the homepage, locate the Download button and follow the on-screen prompts to initiate the process. Make sure your smartphone has enough space to download the game. If you are running short on space, make sure to arrange it first and then move to download.
  4. Finally, go to the File Manager and locate the Downloaded Pokemon Hell Girl file. Tap on it and complete the installation part. And the process ends here.

Note: If you want the process to be as seamless as it sounds above, make sure to allow Apps from Unknown Sources from the Security Settings before following the instructions. Also, once you are done, disable this setting to keep your phone’s security in place. Besides, don’t forget to install an anti-virus program before downloading this fan-made game to protect your smartphone from malicious codes and infections.

Is there any shortcoming of downloading the Pokemon Hell Girl?

Not really, but you should be aware of some scenarios that you might encounter when playing the Pokemon Hell Girl.

  • It is a fan-made game; hence, you can expect technical bugs and server-down issues for longer than usual.
  • While the gameplay is gripping, it’s not that long and you can complete the game in lesser time than other options in the franchise. Owing to this, Pokemon Hell Girl mainly entices only beginners and not seasoned players who are looking for more challenges and battles.
  • Having a female protagonist in the game might distract the gamer.


Hope it helps. We have tried our best to research the game from the inside and out, so you can get a better understanding and perspective before you actually jump into the battle. We hope our guide has eliminated all your queries, thus inspiring you to invest your time and energy. Bookmark the page and stay tuned with us for more such guides.

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