We’ve all been there – missing out on a call and then wondering about the identity of the caller. But not anymore, as the internet is packed with various tools and software that may help you recognize the unknown caller, so you can find who was trying to reach you.

One such option is SpyDialer. It is one of the newest and most trustworthy reverse phone lookups, enabling users to reveal the identity of unknown numbers and decide whether these calls are worth answering.

But since it is the latest addition to the market, and is still susceptible to occasional bugs and glitches, making the app clueless in your hour of need. Hence, we’ve put together some practical alternatives that may do the exact same job as SpyDialer, and keep things going without obstruction.


Things to Consider When Selecting SpyDialer Alternatives

Hold on!! Before you jump into the list, let’s outline a few things you should consider when picking SpyDialer alternatives. These factors will indeed help you make the appropriate choice, so you won’t end up regretting it. Please have a look.

  • Simple Interface: The first thing you should look out for in any SpyDialer alternative is the simple, user-friendly interface. Do not select the option that comprises a deep learning curve or complex functioning; otherwise, you’ll surely end up wasting your time and turning a simple process into a backbreaking task.
  • No Additional Charges: Since SpyDialer is a free reverse phone lookup, you must select the alternative that offers free-of-cost services. The market has plenty of options that let you identify numbers without spending a single penny.
  • Ad-free experience: Do not opt for the option that bombards you with advertisements, and it takes a whole lifetime to identify the single caller. Make sure whatever option you are choosing offers an ad-free interface.

The 5 Best SpyDialer Alternatives to Try Out

Buckle up your seatbelts, as we are ready to disclose the five best SpyDialer alternatives to try out in 2023. All these options are professionally verified and offer premium services without costing a dime. Let’s get into them.

1.      Truecaller

Let’s start with the obvious one – Truecaller. It is already a leading website that helps you identify unknown numbers in seconds. Truecaller is widely acclaimed for having tens of millions of phone numbers with information in its database. Moreover, it processes over billion spam phone calls blocked to depict its efficiency.

Truecaller is a super powerful caller ID app that tells you who is calling and from where. In addition, it helps you block unwanted calls and look up names and numbers, thus enabling you to save from annoying commercial calls or calls from wet blankets.


  • Easy to use
  • Available in both free and paid versions
  • Helps you block spam numbers on the go


  • Ad-laden interface

2.      ThatsThem

The second-best SpyDialer alternative you can go for is ThatsThem. Like SpyDialer, it is also free people search service and is extremely easy to navigate. All you need is the number, and it offers the complete information available about the number on the internet with a single click.

ThatsThem is a highly convenient tool for searching someone’s full name, home address, email Id, IP address, etc. However, before you get tempted, note that the data is restricted to its availability, and the app will reflect as many details as available on the internet.


  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • No complicated functions
  • Offers tons of information about a specific number
  • Free services


  • No mobile app is available

3.      WhitePages

Launched in 1997, WhitePages is an authority in people’s search and is currently satiating more than 30M monthly customer needs. This app offers you accurate and up-to-date information about the person in seconds and is trusted by millions of users across the globe.

It is available as a web-based tool or an app for Android smartphones. Enter the unknown number in its search field and get all the information about a person in seconds. The best thing about this software is its transparency. Whitepages never claims that their information is 100% accurate and encourages customers to verify details independently.


  • FCRA-compliant
  • Free background check
  • Reliable and trusted


  • The free version includes limited information.
  • Only available for US citizens

4.      SlyDial

The popular and trustworthy ringless voicemail messaging app, SlyDial, helps users to check who’s calling without spending their precious dollars. This application enables you to transfer your telephone address book to know who calls when your telephone rings.

Like other SpyDialer alternatives, this application is easy to use and navigate, thus requiring no lengthy tutorials. The service allows users to call any mobile line and go directly to voicemail, thus letting you avoid awkward and unnecessary distractions.


  • Great communication app with a personal touch
  • Allows you to voice message any US number instantly
  • Lets you skip conversations completely


  • Users might not be satisfied with their results.
  • Available for US numbers only

5.      Veromi

Let’s wind up the list with yet another SpyDialer alternative – Veromi. It is a prominent people searching website linked with plenty of databases and billions of public records globally to deliver accurate results. Veromi is a simple portal, utilizing the same data sources that government and law enforcement agencies use.

With Veromi, users can discover the background of any caller while connecting information about anyone in its database. However, you must note down that Veromi is a paid service and requires a subscription to get the final report.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Lets you perform a background check
  • Enables you to purchase individual reports


  • Expensive plans
  • It might deliver incomplete results sometimes


Hope this guide helps!! Our experts have navigated through the crowded world of reverse phone lookup service providers and compiled a list of the top five options to facilitate our readers. All of them are tried-and-tested platforms, and you can count on their information and services without thinking twice. So, why wait? Pick any of them and put the misery of attending unnecessary spam calls and unknown callers to end right away. Stay tuned with us for more informational pieces.

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