Here, I explain to Latest Pokémon Go Gets new update on Android and iOS and New Pokémon Go patch brings the Android version to 0.75.0 and the iOS version to 1.45.0 and few general bug fixes, the update makes it possible to see the items received from spinning Gym Pokestops and completing Raid Battles.

Pokémon Go players have a new item to add to their wardrobes and developer Niantic rolled out a new t-shirt for the popular AR game and all players can get hands on for free and Global Goals for Sustainable Development and initiative to end extreme poverty, inequality and climate change around the world are Pokémon Go players can now get a free Global Goals t-shirt for their avatars. Niantic announced it was partnering with Global Goals earlier this year and added 17 Pokestops that represent each of the individual goals in an effort to spread awareness of the initiative.

Pokémon Go with the release of the Global Goals t-shirt is Pokémon Go’s latest update and now lives for both iOS and Android devices. This patch is a fairly minor one that primarily fixes bugs, such as one that would cause Pikachu hats to disappear that is best all time.

Pokémon Go Update on Android and iOS

  1. Items received from spinning Gym Pokestops.
  2. Completing Raid Battles are now displayed in the Journal.
  3. Improved Pokémon Collection screen search functionality enables Trainers to search using Defender and Legendary.
  4. Resolved a bug that caused Pikachu hats to disappear from the in-game model and icon.
  5. Resolved a bug that caused some icons to disappear when scrolling through the Pokedex.
  6. Various bug fixes and performance updates.

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