Deciding what you want to do with your life during your college years is stressful. You are young and don’t have much life experience to go on when making your choice. It is common to look around after a few years into your career and consider a change. One area that is enticing for many, due to growth potential and compensation, is the tech industry. Fortunately, the tech industry is ideal for individuals looking to make a transition in their careers. There is a low bar for entry, as long as you can prove your value, someone will give you an opportunity.

Return to College

Returning to college to earn a computer science degree is the traditional choice for transitioning into the tech industry. Depending on your existing degree and how long you have been out of school, this second degree may not take as long as you expect. If you have a compatible undergraduate degree you may find earning a master’s in computer or data science, or another, similar program may make better economic sense.If you are currently employed, you can keep your job while earning your degree, either through a non-traditional evening or weekend program or through online learning. Of course, if your current job operates on a different shift, you may find attending traditional college classes during the day works for you. Taking out student loans to pay for your education to enter the tech field is a great investment. The interest rates on these loans are favorable and your earning potential when you graduate will be strong.

Attend a Boot Camp

Coding boot camps are a growing trend. They aim to teach you everything you need to know to gain an entry-level coding job in 3 to 6 months. There are some downsides to these boot camps. They do not qualify for traditional student loan programs. Many boot camps have financing options, but each one will have a different process for this. Another drawback is that these are typically in-person, and are all-day classes. This can make it challenging to work a traditional job while attending school. You also must live within commuting distance of the location.


Everyone involved in the tech industry has stories about those who have found jobs at large tech companies, making great money, with no formal education. You cannot argue that there are many free and low-cost options for learning to code available online. It can be challenging to complete the self-learning process on your own for a variety of reasons.Without others to work with, you are likely to find problems with your motivation when you run up against obstacles. Finding the determination to sit down and self-teach for a few hours each day when you get in from work is challenging. While self-learning is certainly possible, it takes a great deal of determination and resolve. It is also easy to get stuck in a tutorial lifestyle, where you keep learning, jumping from resource to resource, without advancing far enough to become employed in your field.

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