As we have seen in the last few years that people are more diverting towards online streaming. Sites like The Pirate Bay, 123movies, RARBG, Torrentz2, ExtraTorrent, 1337x, and mkvmovies, hevcbluray, and many others that used to offer free movies to download have been shut down for various reasons. But thanks to the fast internet connection and that too at cheaper rates, we are able to stream movies and TV shows online for free without any hassle. In the last 4 years, YouTube and Netflix have noted a gigantic growth in the streaming hours as people are becoming a fan of online streaming rather than downloading videos from the internet. So, we are going to tell you about one of the most popular websites to watch movies and TV series without ads and signing up – pelispedia.

Pelispedia may sound a new name for you but it is a popular platform to watch movies and shows online in HD for free. Pelispedia is a Spanish site that is available in Latin and Spanish. The name is derived from the Spanish word Peli which means movie or film and Pedia is extracted from Wikipedia which means relating to learning. Pelispedia offers hundreds of movies for free streaming. It guarantees the quality of the movies and shows are in 1080p and 720p HD so you don’t have to deal with the quality issues. The home page of Pelispedia says “Pelispedia is the leading and official site to watch movies online without cuts in Latin and Spanish. We also have a list of series available in both languages ​​with HD quality. Use our movie and series filters to get a better experience. We recommend you search for movies by year or category, and use the advanced search bar in real-time.

There are lots of clones and fake sites which copy the name of pelispedia. It is annoying and hard to find the original pelispedia site. Here, we shall show you the original pelispedia site. But before that, you have to know some significant things about this Spanish free movie streaming site. Pelispedia has a great collection of HD movies and TV shows online for free but the site is available in Spanish and Latin languages. So if you are non-speaker of these languages and want to use this to stream free movies then, you can use Google translate on chrome or Firefox browser.

Pelispedia has a very easy and simple to use user interface. You can find any movie by searching its name in the search bar, or by year, A-Z, or know top trending movies on the site, and most rated on IMDB. Along with movies and TV series, users can read the latest news about the movie world on the “blog” section of pelispedia. The quality and multiple servers on the site offer a great online experience so it can be the best free Netflix alternative. But, some users may want an English site to watch movies online. So here, we are going to sites like Pelispedia which can be used as alternative pelispedia.

5 Best Alternatives to Pelispedia

Well, Pelispedia is one of the best online streaming free websites but many users want an online streaming site that is more downward towards English and with English subtitles. These are the 5 top Pelispedia alternatives to watch HD TV shows and movies for free in English.


We always put this site in any of our alternatives list of movie streaming sites. Iomovies is one of the top sites on the internet to watch movies and shows for free. The site can be accessed on and it offers a great user interface and provides all the content from all countries. The home page of iomovies has a Google-like search page where you can find any movie or TV for free.

It also has different sections segmented for movies and television shows. The quality of the video on the site is really high-quality and it offers various genres, years, names, and recent movie options to find the movie or show you want to watch. So, this is our first and best alternative to pelispedia.

G2G Movies

This Pelispedia Alternative can be accessed at G2G movies is a site only for movie streaming so you shall not TV shows here. This is partially dedicated to movies so you will find all the popular and the latest released movies for free in HD. Its homepage shows various genres like drama, comedy, family, horror, action-adventure, science fiction, and fantasy so you can find any video or movie that you want to watch quickly. The latest released movies in theater may not be available in HD so, g2g movies puts a note on every movie that is available in high-quality.


Pubfilm is a popular site to watch movies and TV series in HD online for free. Pubfilm can be the best similar site like Pelisopedia as it is available in English and has an extraordinary collection of all the popular movies and TV shows around the world for free streaming. But the exceptional thing about Pubfilm is that it has the third category of Anime that no other similar site has to offer. So if you are looking for anime, movies, and series on a single website then pubfilm is the one for you.

You can access pubfilm at and watch everything that this alternative pelispedia has to offer.


Fmovies and Bmovies are sister sites and they have a similar interface to iomovies. Fmovies could be the best same website as pelispedia. Users can watch movies and TV series for free online in the highest quality possible. Fmovies doesn’t bother you with multiple annoying ad pop-ups. You can easily find any movie title or TV series season from its categories like genre, country, cinema, year, top IMDB, and others. All the TV shows’ thumbnail shows how much episodes do they have so users can get an idea about it.


Them4ufree might be a new name for you but it is exceptional in its service. It allows you to watch movies and TV series for free without signing up. The videos of movies and shows are hosted on multiple third-party servers so you can choose the best of them and play HD movies without any problem. The domain name of the site might have changed so you can access it at This underdog is the best free online streaming site to watch all the top and latest movies and shows for free. So this could be the best alternative to pelispedia.

Final words:

There are many other similar sites like Pelispedia to watch movies and TV shows online. You can read our other list at “Top Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Movies Online Free.” If you know any other sites then you can tell us in the comment section as we haven’t mentioned all the popular free streaming website but these are the website you really will enjoy streaming.