The best thing about being human is that we have memories and we cherish them. We mean, who doesn’t love his/her childhood memories? Those golden days when we used to play with friends at the school and garden and then, used play video games and we still believe that modern games like PUBG and Fortnite don’t render the fun that we used to have with old classic games. Well, we cannot bring back all those days but we can surely relive the fun by installing and playing old classic games with ROMs on your PC. The Internet is full of free stuff but you have to check by yourself if they are safe or not. In case, you are looking for safe ROM sites from where you download ROMs for various games and you can enjoy them on different emulators then there are lots of safe ROM sites but not all are trustworthy.

Many ROM sites have been banned for various reasons and some free ROM sites contain annoying ads which maybe not good for you as sometimes your system can be infected viruses. Some sites offer free ROMs and they don’t have any ads but the ROMs do have lots of freeware and sometimes even viruses. So we would suggest you use safe ROM sites that will not only offer you the exact game ROMS you want but also guarantees your PC is safe and there is no threat of viruses. But how find such sites that provide perfect and safe ROM sites? Popular sites like Emuparadise is gone and people need the best Emuparadise alternatives.

So to relieve you from stress we have made a list of some of the best and safe ROM sites on the internet from where you can download ROMs of all the popular games without any worry and they can be played on your PC with the right emulator. So use these safe ROM sites and download any game and ROM that you want and bust your stress. We have mentioned some of the best as well secure and safe Rom sites without ads or sign up.

Top 7 Safe ROM Sites 2021


You might think we just said Emuparadise is gone then how can be it be on this list. FYI, it was shut down for a few days and the same developers have made it available for free use so you can access this site to get the ROMs of all the games that you want. Their collection is amazing. Along with ROMs, users can get video game soundtracks, guides, ISOs, and even games for free from this one of the best safe Rom sites. Downloaded gamed from Emuparadise can be played instantly. Even after the shutdown, Emuparadise ensures the safety and provides you with the best video game Roms without any viruses or adware. Plus, you don’t have to deal with ad pop-ups or no need to sign up. So this is our pick for the list of some best safe Rom sites.


Gamulator might a new name for some of you but is one of the best sites to download Roms for free along with Emulators. The developers of this safe Rom site update their roster of content regularly. On this site, you are going to get ROMs of any retro game that you want no matter which console it was available for. Their download options are good and they ensure that you don’t get any non-working or infected file on your PC. Just like Emuparadise, Gamulator has lots of ROMs and game content that you can enjoy on your PC or mobile phone. So, just open this free downloading Rom site to cherish your memories with your friends and siblings by downloading old classic retro ROMs.


The name of this site may sound like a country but it is actually Romsmania. Of course, you are going to find lots of games, emulators, and ROMs video games on this one of the top safe ROM sites. The site is really easy to use and the user interface is appealing so, you would any retro ROM on the list. You can also directly search for any video game content through its search box. The Romsmania is popular among games for providing safe and virus-free ROMs so there is no need to worry about the adware or malware when you are on this site.


GaROMs is being promoted on various sites and we have to say that their recommendation is right. Garoms host a number of ROMs and reliable emulators from all the popular consoles. Yes, you can find ROMs from every console that is or was available. The download process is not complex and you are going to get safe ROMs on this site. The interface is simple and easy to use. You can find games and ROMs according to the console names. There is no threat of viruses so just use this site to download free safe ROMs.

ROM Hustler

When you are looking for the best sites to download safe ROMs for free then ROM Hustler must be one of them. There are no annoying ads or pop-ups so you will have a simple and easy downloading process. Users can download ROMs of all the retro classic games without worrying about viruses or any other threat. This site is believed to have high-quality emulators and ROMs that will work on your PC or smartphones. The community and users of this site upvote and rate so you can know which ROM is genuine with most rated and most downloaded. You can use this site on your cell phone as well.


This list of safe ROM sites is incomplete without CoolROM. It is a site with the latest as well as some of the best old games and ROMs. Users can also get reliable emulators for the PC and mobile to use specific Rom. The search option on this site can be used to find any game or ROM within a minute. The site also recommends you some best ROMs so you can choose any of them. The download process of ROMs from this site is simple and all the ROMs are marked safe so just head to the site and download safe & secure ROMs for free.


ROMulation sounds like revolution and that’s what this free site to download safe Roms does. Unlike other safe ROM sites, RomUlation has a totally different approach to offer ROMs and emulators to users. You have to sign up on this and you will be credited a few points for free (about 10000). Here, each point is equal to 1 MB so you can download 10 GB of ROMS and emulator on the first day but this doesn’t mean you have to pay after this. If you are a loyal user of this site then you could get 500 to 50,000 points every other day.

Final word:

These are the main and free safe ROM sites that you can rely on. There are many similar sites to download Roms but we have mentioned only the best 7 of them. If you consider any other should be on our list then you can suggest to us in the comment box and let us know.