Mangago is one of the best free manga reading platforms. Manga lovers would find all of their favorite Manga on this website. This site allows you to read all the popular Manga within a few clicks on PC as well as mobile phones. The user-friendly interface and easy navigation functionalities of Mangago make it different from many other websites. Users who are looking for the best platform to read Manga should not miss Mangago.

When we open the homepage of Mangago, we will find various categories at the top. We can select any of them to find the latest chapters of the manga series. However, if you want to find any particular manga, the search option will help you.


Top Mangago Alternatives 2021

There are many other platforms like Mangago that let you read the Manga online for free. These platforms can be alternatives to Mangago as they offer multiple benefits over Mangago as well. Here, we have enlisted some of the best alternatives to Mangago to read Manga online for free in 2021.

Manga Reader – Manga Geek

Manga Reader is one of the most popular free Manga reading applications. We can download this app from Google Play Store. If you don’t find it on Google Play Store, you can download it from a third-party app web store. Manga reader is an application that feeds on the most popular manga sites on the Internet, such as MangaKakalot, Mangafox, and Crunchyroll. This application has over 50,000 manga uploaded on its platform. The application has an easy-to-use interface, the works are available in English and other languages, and you have the option of downloading the Manga to read without an Internet connection. In addition, it includes anime videos to disconnect a bit from reading.As an extra, Manga Geek offers a Premium plan to remove ads and get animated wallpapers.

Features of Manga Reader

  • Free but with ads
  • A huge catalog of Manga to read
  • It draws on the most popular manga sites from all over the internet
  • We can read Manga in offline mode.

Manga Plus

Manga Plus is available on Android and iOS devices, which is why it is one of the best manga apps. Without a doubt, we can add it to our list of the best mangago alternatives. It is an app in which you can enjoy a large part of the content of the website without any problem. But the best of all is that they have not only limited themselves to making a web app, but it is also a native application perfectly developed for use on mobile devices. Therefore, it is a perfect application to read Manga on a tablet or smartphone. From the settings, we can create a profile with a username, change the language and even choose the image quality of the Manga, having three different resolution options. Logically, the higher the resolution, the better they will look, but they will also consume more data. The Manga Plus manga application includes Manga in English and some other languages as well.

One of the great advantages of MANGA Plus with respect to its competitors is the simultaneity with which the contents go up with respect to its launch in Japan, specifically those published in the weekly magazines. Thus, we can read all the popular manga series as quickly as possible. Both the download of the application and the consumption of the content is free. On the negative side, it should be noted that the episodes are being erased, so we can only see the most recent chapters and the oldest.

Features of Manga Plus

  • This is free and without ads
  • Enriching user experience
  • Quick uploads of the latest Manga
  • The collection of Manga is amazing, and it is growing
  • We can adjust quality from lowest to high resolution
  • We are able to change the reading mode between portrait or landscape

Manga Zone

This is by far the best alternative to Mangago if none of the above options convince you. This app to read Manga is available to download for free both on iOS as well as Android devices. The application has a large catalog of Manga of all kinds of genres. All the popular Japanese mangas are translated to English for the audience. Thus, this can be the best platform to read English manga for free.

Unlike other apps, we find more unknown and unpopular mangas, so it is a great option to make new discoveries apart from the typical popular Manga. In addition, if you love to read adult manga, then this application is one of the best options for you. Manga Zone is the self-proclaimed best manga reader on its website. The user interface and the navigation system are really amazing. If you want a huge manga collection on your device, then this is the best option for you.

Features of Manga Zone

  • Manga Zone is free, and there are no ads
  • Users can discover new Manga beyond the most popular
  • It allows you to download Manga to read them offline after registration
  • The huge collection of Manga is updated very often.

Manga Bird

This Mangago alternative uses the best anime sources to create a gigantic catalog that would take us more than a lifetime to read them. The user can choose these fonts at will, which are divided by language. The free manga reader app is available in more than eight languages, including English, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, and others. In this way, we have free access to thousands of Manga on our mobile, which we can also filter by the different dozens of genres that there are, as well as by the most popular, the latest news or Manga that are complete and have ended.

It also allows the download of Manga to be read offline. It has a useful history function where we will see our recent readings, and to top it off, it allows us to read Manga that we have downloaded on the phone since the app also works as a manga reader when used. We like the user experience when reading the Manga. Manga Bird is probably one of the best in this regard since it offers a good number of options to adapt the reading to any need. It allows you to change the reading direction, change the tone and lighting, and even includes a tool to cut out parts of a page and save them.

Features of Manga Bird

  • Manga Bird is Free with no ads.
  • Amazing user experience
  • Users can download the Manga for offline reading.
  • The catalog is huge. You would find almost all Manga here.

What Is the Best Choice in Our Opinion?

Among all the Mangago alternatives we have mentioned here, Manga Zone is the best choice for manga lovers. It offers an application for iOS as well as Android devices. We have already seen its strengths, but the ones that convince us the most are the user experience, difficulty to improve, and the possibility of seeing the Manga fresh and straight out of Japan. Mangago is a free manga reading website, but a manga reader app can be the best alternative to it. And since Manga Zone can be the best choice if you wish to try.

Why Should You Use Manga Reader Apps?

The answer seems obvious. If you are a regular consumer of Manga, it is certainly a good idea to install an app to read Manga. Thus, you can do it at any time and place, either on the bus on the way to somewhere or just having a free time at your home. As we have seen, there are a good number of applications to read Manga that are worth it. As always, we recommend you try more than one to be able to buy and keep the one that best suits you.

How to Read Manga Online for Free?

This is a no-brainer process. You don’t need any technical knowledge to read Manga online. Follow the steps given below to read your favorite Manga online.

Step 1 – Select any of the mangago alternatives that we have mentioned here.

Step 2 – Download the app on your smartphone.

Step 3 – Sign up for free if requires.

Step 4 – Now, search for your favorite manga series and start reading.


There are several manga reader websites as well as mobile applications on the internet. However, all of them are not trustworthy, and you cannot use them. There is a drill in every app. Some ask for money, while some free manga reading apps come with ads. Thus, you need to make your selection very wisely.

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