Every teenage girl and her parents residing in America might know JojoSiwa. She is among the stars of a dance reality show called Dance Moms. Jojo got fame when she was 8 and entered the show and has always been energetic and positive in her attitude. Even after she was evicted from the show, her fans showered a lot of love on her YouTube channels. She has millions of subscribers on her channel.

In the last few years, she has made millions of dollars with her shows, music, merchandise, bows, world tour, and YouTube of course. JojoSiwa’s net worth is estimated at around $13 million in 2021. She loves to spend her millions of many things and these are among the insane things JojoSiwa spends her money on.


Musical Instruments

Well, Jojo may have got her started dancing she has quickly become a full-fledged musician in her own right. Performing her music all over the world, Jojo even has a platinum record that she proudly displays in her home. While there is no recording studio in her home, she does have quite a collection of musical instruments throughout. She owns a Casio keyboard worth about $500, a pearl 5-piece drum kit worth about five hundred to a thousand, and her prized Steinway grand piano that is worth as much as $75,000.

The Steinway piano is the best of the best when it does come to pianos and only serious musicians purchase them. However, Jojo is not a piano player. She just recently started taking lessons after seeing the movie Bohemian Rhapsody and found herself pitching to learn how to play the song by the same name.


Imagine being just 14 years old and house hunting, seems impossible, right? JojoSiwa was able to start looking for her very own dream house when she was just barely a teenager. Just by growing up in Nebraska, Jojo began her house search in LA. Once she landed a mansion that was to her liking, she began showing off her new crib in various YouTube videos on her channel that also included house tours, bedroom tours, and kitchen tours.

She has a dining room table full of her brand’s wall decals. The bedroom looks like the set of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. With colorful stripes adorning the walls and literal candy everywhere, you look only Jojo could pull off this room. The house is reported to be around 2 to 3 million dollars.

Nacho Machine

Now this one might make you jealous. Just like us, Jojo is a huge fan of snack food and could find no better way to keep her munchies in check than adding a nacho machine to our kitchen. The nacho machine is the commercial kind you would find at any movie theatre or stadium. She even keeps those plastic serving plates in stock to make the experience even more authentic. Imagine rolling up to JojoSiwa’s house on movie night and helping yourself to a fresh nacho.

The nacho machine sits right next to JoJo’s vintage popcorn machine and costs around $2,000. The cost doesn’t include all the chips and cheese.

Claw Machine

One of the most fun items, that Jojo has, is a giant claw game. It is like the kind you could probably lose a hundred dollars in no time at any arcade. The game is filled with her own merch and has even been fully decked out in JoJo’s signature neon colors. Plus, you can listen to Jojo’s music blasting from a speaker. Guests at Jojo’s house are encouraged to play the game and unlike those arcade games that we are used to, friends of JoJo’s get a play for free.

Jojo recently got to spend time with one of her biggest fans, North West Kardashian. North’s biggest wish was to play JoJo’s claw game. Jojo was happy to oblige. The estimate for the game is approximately $15,000.


Many sixteen-year-olds walk away from their 16th birthday with a new car but JojoSiwa was able to buy herself the car of her dreams on her 16th birthday. Jojo got a fully customized Tesla Model X SUV completely wrapped in a brightly colored checkerboard decal with the number 16 written across the side. This was not her first car as she also received a brand-new BMW convertible in the 2018 Christmas. The convertible was adorned with bright colors as well as JoJo’s face and signature on the hood, which was customized by celebrity favorite, west coast This.


When most young girls hear the name JojoSiwa, they immediately think of bows. Jojo has created an entire empire around her line of hair bows. Her love of bows began when she was just a baby and she joked that as she got older, the bows kept getting bigger. When she was just eight years old and began dancing competitively on Dance Moms, she would wear huge bows during all of her competitions. Her signature bows that are apart from everyone else. Jojo has said that the purpose behind her bows is so that if a girl sees another girl wearing at Jojo bow then, she’ll know that girl will be nice to her and they’ll just want to hang out wearing a Jojo bow.

Her bows are sold worldwide at every major retail store as well as on her website. she sells over 12,000 styles of bows and little girls everywhere claim to own as many as they can. She has admitted to owning roughly 1,000 bows. Her private collection is pretty impressive which worth around $20,000 and that’s just chump change considering she has sold an estimated 40 million bows worldwide.


Jojo has converted her garage into a merchandise storage facility where she has kept everything from makeup kits the dolls the lunchboxes to apparel the storage area and her converted garage is closely monitored and completely locked up with a keypad on the door handle. The room is organized by categories such as cosmetics, bows, dolls, bedding, luggage, and jewelry. She also has an area where she keeps original merchandise.

Something Jojo might have an overabundance of in her garage is her makeup kits. In addition to her garage storage, she also keeps a lot of her merch in a room at her house. She keeps about 65 to 70 percent of everything she sells in that room. Nobody outside of her team really knows why she keeps so much of her own stock in her home. The merchandise that Jojo keeps in her home is estimated to be worth over 1 million dollars.