You might be using Instagram for social networking or marketing. Photos and Videos sharing is great for these purposes. But you might have noticed that there is a problem with Instagram that when you upload the video on it, the Instagram algorithms crush the quality of the video files. In a single day, millions of people upload their content on Instagram. You might guess how much it would cost to store all these data and to build and maintain a data center. So to save storage space and bandwidth, Instagram applies video compression while uploading. So whenever you upload a video, it will be run through this compression; there is no way to bypass it. The best way to upload a video on Instagram without quality loss is to take some steps given in the article below.

Instagram Video Uploading Rules

The process of uploading the video on Instagram is simple and you can post a video just like any post. Instagram allows uploading video up to 1 minute, in quality in it could be in any resolution from 600p to 4k. And these are the same requirements for uploading video as Instagram stories.

Recently Instagram introduced its extended video platform, IGTV. You can upload videos from 15 seconds to 10 minutes runtime on IGTV. Though, verified creators by Instagram are allowed to post videos up to 1 hour long. The video has to be at least semi HD, 720p for IGTV, and the video file size needs to be lower than 650 MB.

What to do to upload videos on Instagram without quality loss?

So what could be done to post a video on Instagram without compromising with its quality? The best way is to upload a video in 4K resolution with 60 fps. But as we know all our smartphones do not allow to record videos in 4K resolution. You need to have a DSLR or a camcorder to record videos in 4K.

But what if I want to upload a pre-recorded video on Instagram without losing quality? You need to convert the video into 4K and then post it on Instagram so the lossless video would be uploaded. So you must upload a 4K video on Instagram so your video will be posted with less quality loss. Instagram will still reduce the quality of the video but as if the source video is in 4K resolution then, the quality of the video will be not much compromised while compression is being done by Instagram. So the only way is to either shoot video in 4K or convert video to 4K and upload it on Instagram.

There are several software and apps to convert videos to 4K resolution but most of them are not available for free. On the other side, free apps and software tools either left their watermark logo on the video or lose the quality but upscale the video, which isn’t the good deal. So what do we need is, a good and free video converter to upscale video.

How to Convert a Video to 4K to Upload on Instagram

So in order to upscale your 720p or 1080p video you need a really good tool to convert videos to 4K for free. Here, we are going to show you the best and free 4K video converter.

Step 1 – Open the link given below in the browser.

Step 2 – On the webpage, you can directly drop a video file, choose from PC, and also directly paste URL from other sites. Options of Google Drive and Dropbox are also given as a source.

Step 3 – In settings, click on “Choose a preset” and a down menu bar will appear to choose there “4K UHD 60p, h264” or you can also select 2K or 8K options.

Step 4 – Click on the “Start Conversion” and the conversion will start in the background.

Step 5 – Once it is done, the converted video will automatically be downloaded on your computer.

Drill – In this online video converter, you can convert video having size only up to 100MB. For more than 100 MB you have to pay the charge.

Best PC software to convert videos to 4K

Freemake Video Converter

This is one of the best video converters for Windows computer. Its free features are limited but it does not cost much. You can buy its full version of it in less than $5 through Paypal and other payment methods. You can also remove black bars from the video.