Once more time I can help you don’t miss this topic about the android auto update apps. Basically android Google play store is an auto response and directly updates. If you have a connect Smartphone with internet connection an just a second you have a get notification will comes to update the apps, without any permition directly it will be auto update on your mobile. So I would like to share How to stop this feature.

In a general rule, apps you have installed from Google Play and will download updates automatically (called auto-update apps) in order to improve their performance on your tablet or Smartphone.

How to Stop Android App Auto Update on Google Play Store

How to stop auto-update apps in Google Play

How to manually update apps in the Play Store

1# Open Google Play and swipe out the navigation drawer. Press on menu Settings.

2# In the Play Store settings, tap Auto-update apps.

3# After get a pop-up to select any one option like,

  • Do not auto-update apps;
  • Auto-update apps at any time. Data charges may apply;
  • Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only.

4# Select first option.

Note: if you have stop your stop auto-update apps in Google Play then you will always need to manually update all apps in the future. So I can suggest to best option is “          Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only”.

How to manually update apps in the Play Store

If you like to manually updates you’re most trading Google apps. See these simple steps to get an easy manually updates.

1# Open the Play Store

2# after go to the main menu > Tap on My Apps to view a list of all the apps installed on this device

How to manually update apps in the Play Store

3# Check ‘My apps’ for available updates and install them one at a time or all at once, Apps with updates available are listed at the top

Now you are easy to control your android auto-update apps. You can visit your list of installed apps on Google Play or open the Play Store app if you wish to manually update apps in the future.


 I installed an app via an APK file outside of Google Play. How do I automatically update it?

You can’t update it. You will have to manually install a new APK file when one becomes available. Google Play settings will only control the apps you downloaded from Google Play.

How do I get rid of the notifications while still allowing my apps to automatically update?

From the Google Play settings, there is a selection for “Notifications“. Checking it will turn notifications on, while unchecking it turns it off.


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