Bones are an essential resource in Palworld that are used to craft important items like medicine, Mega Glider, and Cement. However, bones can be tricky to obtain, especially early on in the game. Let me show you the best methods to get bones and how to farm them efficiently.


Where to Find Bones

There are two main ways to get bones in Palworld:

Hunting Specific Pals

Certain Pals have a chance to drop bones when defeated or caught. The key Pals to target are:

  • Vixy – Easily found early on and good to farm. Spawn near the starting location.
  • Anubis, Bushi, Cawgnito, Gorirat – Stronger but also drop bones.
  • Loupmoon, Maraith, Rushoar, Vanwyrm, Verdash – Harder to find, but can drop bones.

Vixy will likely be the easiest source when starting out. They spawn near the initial tutorial area and aren’t too high level. Focus on hunting and defeating Vixy to collect bones.

Purchasing from Merchants

You can buy bones from the Wandering Merchant in the Small Settlement for 100 gold coins. There is also a merchant that sells bones in Seiwan Village.

Although buying bones can be expensive, it’s a reliable source when you need some quickly.

How to Farm Bones Effectively

The best way to farm bones is to repeatedly hunt Vixy near the starting location. Here are some tips:

  • Equip a ranged weapon like a bow to defeat them safely.
  • Bring healing items to restore your HP if needed.
  • Only loot the bones then quickly respawn the area.
  • Sell other unwanted drops to buy more arrows.

Farming Vixy should provide a steady source of bones early on. Later, you can target higher level Pals once your gear improves.

What to Craft with Bones

Here are some of the main uses for bones in Palworld:

  • Crafting Medicine – Used to make medicine to cure Pal illnesses and injuries. Medicine is essential for keeping Pals healthy.
  • MegaGlider – An important movement item crafted with bones and other materials. Makes exploration faster.
  • Cement – Key building material for stone and brick structures, requiring bones along with stone and Pal fluids.

Bones primarily craft consumables, tools, and building materials in Palworld. Stocking up on them will prepare you for future crafting needs.


Getting bones in Palworld revolves around hunting specific Pals or purchasing them when possible. Vixy provides an abundant source fairly early on. Farm them efficiently to stock up on this precious material.

With enough bones, you’ll be able to craft important gear like the Mega Glider and medicine to keep your Pals healthy.

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