Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL and of course latest Android P update is enchanting. But, most of can’t afford these phone. So, if you admire Pixel 2, then you can Install Pixel launcher APK on your Android phone and enjoy the Pixel 2’s Android P experience on your current Android device. Just like you get Pixel 2 portrait mode on any Android, you can also get Pixel 2 launcher on Any Phone. So, are you ready to lift up your Android experience?

Getting Android P’s Pixel 2 launcher on any Android task is not that tough task to do. All you need to do it enable the unknown source option and then download and install the third party Pixel 2 launcher APK on your Android phone. Well, the great thing about this guide is you don’t need to root your Android device to get Pixel 2 launcher. You can do it straightforwardly using below steps.


How to Download and install Pixel 2 Launcher on Any Android phone

Note: Make sure that your current Android device is running Marshmallow or higher version and do not forget to turn on download from unknown source under the privacy setting.

Step #1: Download Pixel 2 Launcher APK file on your Android.

Step #2: Open the APK file and install it on your device.

Step #3: Press on Home Screen button and select Pixel Launcher.

Once you install Pixel 2 launcher, then you need to enable some permission to use the launcher efficiently.

Step #4: Go to Setting > App or Application > Pixel Launcher.

Step #5: Tap on Permission and turn toggle on next to the location, storage, and phone.

That’s it!

Once all set then you can also use other features like long press on the black screen to get setting gear and customize Pixel 2 launcher.

Wrapping up

Well, I guess you liked the post and followed the process to enjoy Pixel 2 launcher on your Android phone. Once after installing the Pixel 2 launcher on your Android, please do not forget to share your experience in comments. You can also ask us more about any tech tips and tricks.

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