The need of Search Engine Optimization has become a significant concern for the website owners and online businesses. In fact, SEO decides the future of your website and how it will be a successful one in this competitive world.

If you run an online business or have a site to attract customers, you should opt for a reliable SEO service from the best SEO Company Toronto. You will get the desired results very shortly once you hire a proper SEO company for the website.

Out of all the odds, if you want to monetize your blog or website, there are plenty of tools and apps available for your smartphones. Yes, here we have listed down best SEO Mobile Apps for Android and iOS platforms. Follow the list, pick up the best SEO Mobile apps, and you will track down everything of your website right from your smartphone.


Best SEO Mobile Apps for Android and iOS

1#. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is by far the most popular tool when it comes to monetizing your website or blog’s traffic. It’s a perfect tool to keep an eye on the behavior of your site on the web. In fact, it’s a must-have app for all the website owners which is available for free for both, Android and iOS platforms.

Google Analytics lets you manage your website SEO as per your requirements as it fetches the right Keywords from the site which attracts new visitors. It also enables you to compare your website traffic with revenues and much more. It’s a professional tool which is there for free.

2#. SEO SERP Mojo

Searching Engine Ranking Page is essential for the SEO of your website. It helps you to know which page of your website or blog is ranking with all the useful data. It will also share the data of how many clicks will you receive for the content appeared on the pages. With this Android tool, you will be able to get the data of each URLs of your website. It also helps you to track down the keywords which you’ve been targeting for a particular page. You will get the data of the high ranked pages as well as the focused Keywords.

3#. Website and SEO Toolbox

Website and SEO Toolbox is a complete package of all the much needed and essential tools for all the website owners. In fact, it’s a must-have tool for the owners who wish to monetize their website traffic. The tool comes with a set of useful features such as Google and Alexa page rank, number of the indexed page on Google, number of backlinks. Apart from this, this app also shows you the number of likes on the Facebook Page and other social media pages.

4#. HubSpot

HubSpot is an advanced SEO tool which acts like Google Analytics. However, HubSpot comes with a bunch of handy features which lets you monetize your website well. The app It’s an essential tool for online businesses and website owners. It tracks down all the traffic that your website is receiving with keywords and other data. You can keep the information stored on the platform and can check out the CRM and sales as well. The app comes with a bunch of sections which lets you stay organized with all the online activities. HubSpot application is available for Android and iOS platforms. It’s a free tool which you can install from the respective app stores.

5#. SECockpit

SECockpit is a Search Engine Optimization Cockpit which shows all the data on your website and tracks everything. This tool is a must-have tool for the Internet marketers who are actively working in the industry. This tool generates new Keyword ideas which let you manage your website Keywords accordingly. You can find out new keyword and can keep all the data of your website as you desire. It works automatically in gathering different websites data and combines information from available sources from the web.

Apart from this, the tool also lets you know how many times a Keyword is researched and how high the AdWords cost per clicks would be. You would also be able to see the competitive list of the Keywords so you can pick up the perfect Keyword for your new blog or page.