How to enable Fullscreen apps on the LG V30

Fullscreen apps on the LG V30

How to enable Fullscreen apps on the LG V30

Here’s I will show you how to enable fullscreen apps on your LG V30 phone. Like to the Galaxy S8, LG V30 is cool and pretty looks device and it’s getting a new 6-inch edge-to-edge display. Its very eye catching and skinnier than most phones. As an outcome, some apps don’t fill up the entire screen to the device. So let’s start how to fix it and enjoy apps on the full screen you paid for.

After opening some apps and games you might see black bars on the top and bottom of your LG V30. Or, apps may get cut-off in the bend, hiding important buttons or satisfied. This is due to the new 18:9 feature ratio that’s different from most Smartphones. Luckily, this is easy to fix.

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So here’s, most apps work fine with the LG V30. But, if you’re experiencing problems we’re here to help.

Steps to Enable Full-Screen Apps on the LG V30 (App Scaling)                                  

The only setback I’ve seen is positive games zoom in to fill the entire 6-inch screen, and some of the satisfied get cut off in the edged screen. These will get updates soon enough, so it’s not anything to worry about. For every other app or game just power full-screen mode by using App Scaling.

Steps to Enable Full Screen Apps on the LG V30 (App Scaling)

1#. Scroll down the notification bar and Tap into Settings (gear-shaped icon near the top right)

2#. Select the Display column

3#. Now just Scroll down and select App Scaling.

4#. Flip through the list and select the app you want to change.

5#. Change apps to 18:9 full-screen mode, or standard for apps that don’t look right.

How to enable Fullscreen apps on the LG V30

Now you can see the most apps work in 18:9 right away. LG phone and developers made sure apps would work with this new phone. At a time you select an app you have three options: Compatibility, Standard, or Full Screen. Most already use fullscreen. Find the one you want to change and tap Full Screen. Then head done and you’re all set.

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