The PlayStation users for the good news ever to now, PlayStation has rolled out their PlayStation App updates for Android and iOS users. The app has a very classic design with easy user interaction and faster to switch between viewing who’s online. It’s under enemy control by Facebook-style new looks that view as a “what’s new” feed that puts your friends’ PS4 activity front and center.

The app has also built an easier to way to use the PlayStation Store from your smartphone.

And the more about, speaking feature was removed, another feature is Live from PlayStation has been removed, and the similar goes for the second tab functionality that has been moved to a completely new “PS4 tab Screen” app. And you should get the new voucher code redemption, which is pretty easy now.

The update is free to download on Android devices on 4.1 or later and iOS device running iOS 9.0 or later.

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The PlayStation App for Android: Gets New Looks With User Interface Design

What’s a New?

The new version of PlayStation App for Android and iOS is too much impressive to you access these different pages from the bottom navigation bar, and tapping on the PlayStation icon in the middle will reveal a menu for seeing upcoming events, looking at your trophies, going to the PlayStation Store, etc.

So if you are looking for or want to download this new app, then just you need to update your running app to the latest version.