Do you wake up sometimes by your dream and then you try to remember it but you may be unable to remember the whole dream but you remind only a few things that happened in the dream. We always think that it was just a dream and let it go. But do you know there is the meaning of every dream that we have? The things we see in our dream are symbols which indicate something. So all the things we dream are actually metaphor and they are connected with several things but may not be able to know the meaning of a particular dream.

In this case, Dream Moods may help you to find out the hidden meaning of your dream. Dream Moods is a free online guide available as a website as well as a mobile app that helps you to know the meanings to your dreams. It has more than 6000-word dream dictionary that will describe the symbol that you saw in the dream. Every symbol or thing you see in your dream has a specific meaning.

What is Dream Moods?

Your dreams are important and they signify an important message. Each symbol, character, and thing you see in your dream depicts a metaphorical meaning. So Dream Moods is a kind of dream dictionary, it consists more than 6000 keywords and symbol with over 20000 relatable meaning so you can analyze your dream and can know what could be its real meaning that can fit with your current situations.

Dream Moods is a free online website that guides you to know the meaning of your dream. Dream Moods is available as a mobile app for iOS as wells Android smartphones.

How to Download Dream Moods?

Dream Moods iOS Download

Download dream Moods for Android

Dream Moods has been taken down from Google Play store so you have to download its APK file from the official website of Dream Moods.

So you can download it on your phone to find out what’s on your dream.

Features of Dream Moods

  • Over 6000 symbols – You can either search or browse through its huge collection of the meaning of these symbols. It includes modern symbols.
  • In its Calendar journal, you can save your dream’s time and details to track what you dream at a different time.
  • Dream Journal can be protected with a password and you can type or voice record the details about your dream
  • The smart interface will find the relatable symbol to your dream from the dream dictionary.
  • A history log of all the dream symbols that you have searched or looked can be found for reference.

Why should you know the meaning of your dream?

To find out and to interpret your dreams is a powerful thing with Dream Moods. By knowing the hidden meaning of your dreams and analyze it thoroughly you shall be able to learn about your deep secrets and hidden feelings. You cannot ask your dreams’ meaning. You are the only one person that can interpret the meaning of your dream to know what the deep feeling inside you is.

What are the Symbols I get in my dream? What are the meaning of symbols and things that I see in my dream?

Symbols you see in your dream are the actual language of your dreams. A symbol indicates an idea or a feeling and it often has a much more intense and deep hidden meaning than any one word can define. These symbols can leave you confused about what that dream was all about and what is the meaning of your dream having those symbols which actually not even relate in your life.

On Dream Moods, you can find the meaning of more than 6000 keywords and symbols which have over 20,000 thousands of various meaning. These meanings cannot explain the exact meaning of your dream means but they will inspire you to explore and can provide a suggestive indication for understanding your own dreams.

What is the hidden meaning of my dream?

Everything that happens in the dream is important and must be taken into consideration while analyzing your dreams. Even the minutest element in your dream has profound meaning and each symbol represents different memory, mood, feeling, or something from your unconscious mind. You have to look and analyze closely the animals, characters, places, objects, situations, emotions, and even color and numbers that you see in your dreams have as they carry a specific meaning.

Final Words:

So, by using an online platform of Dream Moods or mobile app to find out the various meaning of your dreams. You can search the symbol by alphabetical initials from its dream dictionary on the website or mobile app.


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