When starting your online gambling adventure or even when seeking a new bookmaker to cater to your sportsbook betting needs, you will quickly discover you are spoiled for choice. The industry is one of the most competitive in business as established names from the world of sports betting battle against the most ambitious of the new arrivals, like Mybookie.

Many bookies look similar – if not almost identical – to the untrained eye, but there’s more going on than is obvious at first glance. The difference between playing with a good bookie and a great bookie could also be the difference between suffering a loss and making a profit from your predictions.

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There’s lots to consider

There are many things to consider when choosing a new betting app, including the odds and markets offered, the welcome bonus and how helpful the customer service team is. But you must also consider how easy it is to download the betting app. You don’t want to be wrestling with the latest addition to your mobile, spending time trying to work out how to download it when you’d much rather by finding value and placing bets.

The method of downloading and installing a gambling app onto your mobile device differs from Android to iOS. Thankfully, this page is here to keep you on the right path. Our team of sports betting experts explain how to quickly and efficiently download a betting app to the two main platforms. Follow the steps to ensure you get your betting app as quickly and securely as possible with no time wasted.

The steps laid out on this page can be applied when downloading the smartphone app of any bookmaker that is licensed and regulated for use in your region. Before downloading, you must check the current laws and guidelines regarding betting in your area or a destination you plan to visit.

It’s also advisable to read the terms and conditions provided by the bookmaker to gain a strong understanding of how the company operates and what is expected of you as a registered member when using the app to wager on sports like soccer and horse racing.

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Downloading to an iOS device

If you are downloading a gambling app to an iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad, you will find the process to be quick and easy. Betting apps are almost identical on iOS and Android, with the same sports, markets, odds and promotions available. But there can be no doubting the fact that this platform trumps its rival when it comes to installing apps.

Add a betting app to your handset in seconds, then log in with your registered username and password to start placing bets. Every effort has been made to keep the process as smart and simple as possible, and we are sure you will appreciate those efforts when downloading.

Follow the below steps to add a gambling app from any major bookmaker to your iOS.

  • Open the App Store and type the name of your chosen bookie into the search bar
  • Find the sportsbook version of the app you are after and click Get
  • The app will download and install onto your device in seconds
  • Open the app, log in and start placing bets

Downloading to an Android device

Adding a betting app to an Android device is no more complicated than installing it on an iOS handset, but it takes a little longer, despite the app’s contents being identical. That’s because of an ongoing disagreement between Google and the gambling industry, with all bookies removed from Google Play.

Try searching for a sportsbook, and you won’t find one, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a bookie in a matter of seconds. Simply follow these steps, and you will be well on your way.

  • Visit the mobile site of your chosen bookie and click the homepage link to download the app
  • An invitation to download will be sent to your device, and you should click it
  • Allow downloads from unknown sources and visit the folder where you will find the app link
  • Click to install, and your device will take over, downloading the app and adding it to your home screen