Have you ever imagined having a handy tool to make neat and searchable handwritten notes? Well, then, you are in luck, as your wait is about to end. Thanks to GoodNotes, you can now capture handwritten notes and compile detailed documents in a few clicks. This powerful application uses handwriting recognition and OCR technology to make your entire library for digital notes searchable.

It gives you the freedom to write anything, including equations, mind maps, marking up PDFs, or anything in between. Write all over the page and experience a limitless note-taking facility on your iPad. But before you get fascinated, you must know that the app is currently launched for iOS, and other operating systems might have to wait a bit longer to use this functionality.

Feeling disappointed? You shouldn’t be, as we are here with a loophole. Yes, you read it right. Our experts have reviewed the situation from the inside out and compiled a quirky yet practical way to download GoodNotes for Android. So, what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling the page, and find everything you want to know about this note-taking app here. The guide walks you through the app’s features and gives step-by-step instructions to get the APK from reliable sources.


A Brief Introduction to GoodNotes

Whether you are in the office or classroom, or the grocery store, your digital notes are just a one-tap away, thanks to GoodNotes. This powerful app has been launched for iPad and iPhones lately to help users keep track of everything necessary. With this app, you can create as many folders and subfolders as you want without getting stuck in the lengthy process.

You can even back up your important notes to Google Drive or DropBox to keep them safe for future reference. In this way, GoodNotes help you access your digital notes wherever you work, regardless of the system or your physical location, making it a perfect partner to keep every important detail safe and secure.

The application assures that you will never lose your notes. It also helps you create custom outlines for more straightforward document navigation. You can also add hyperlinks to external websites, videos, or articles to create your knowledge map. GoodNotes is designed to keep non-tech users into account; hence, you will never face much hassle when using the app.

Key Features of the GoodNotes App

Wondering whether GoodNotes is worth your data and space? Well, if you are confused regarding this, then fret not and keep scrolling the page to find detailed features of the app that make it worth adding to your app drawer. We have outlined all specifications and features offered by the app to ease users.

  • The app allows you to move, resize, and rotate your handwriting based on your preference. You can also change colors to highlight the information in your digital notes.
  • GoodNotes lets you keep things organized by creating unlimited folders and subfolders or by marking your Favorite ones to keep everything searchable.
  • You can erase the entire stroke or only parts to keep the ink intact.
  • With GoodNotes, users can easily choose from a large set of exciting covers and paper templates, including Ruled Paper, Blank Paper, Checklists, Planners, Flashcards, and more.
  • The first three notebooks in GoodNotes are free, so you can enjoy the trial version with complete functionality and decide whether it is worth spending on or not.
  • The app lets you upload the PDF file or image as a custom notebook cover or paper template for more customization.
  • Finally, the best thing is that the app lets you record audio notes and see if they appear in sync.

Is GoodNotes Available for Android?

Now that you know about GoodNotes and its key features, it’s time to find out whether the app is available for Android devices or not. So, get ready for some disappointment, as the app is not officially released for Android smartphones. GoodNotes 5 is an iOS-exclusive application available for iPhones and iPads.

But don’t lose calm, as you can either download the APK version of GoodNotes or opt for some of its alternatives, such as NoteLedge. The APK file of GoodNotes is available on various third-party websites, but you should pick the reliable and trustworthy option. Also, do not forget to download ad-blockers and anti-virus programs beforehand to avoid trouble later on.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Downloading the GoodNotes App on Android

Are you ready to download the GoodNotes app? Wait no more; scroll down the page and find step-by-step instructions below. Here, we have compiled a detailed guide covering the process of downloading the GoodNotes 5 APK file on your smartphone. Do not skip any of the instructions to avoid the fuss later on.

  1. Unlock your Android phone, and open the browser of your choice.
  2. Enter the GoodNotes APK in the search engine box and pick the reliable third-party website.
  3. Locate the Download Link for the APK file, and tap on it to begin the process.
  4. Exit the browser and open the Settings tab.
  5. Go to Security Settings, and click Allow Apps from Unknown Sources.
  6. Once the APK is downloaded, go to the Files Manager tab and locate the APK file. Click the file and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.
  7. Open the app, allow certain permissions, and you are all set to make notes.


That’s all about the process of downloading the GoodNotes for Android. It is essential to remember that this note-taking app is still not available on Google Play Store; hence, the sole way to enjoy its functionality is by using the APK version. Download the APK file only from reliable sources to keep your data protected from authorized access.

Also, remember that the app is free to download but includes in-app purchases. Additionally, since it is a third-party link, make sure to download ad-blockers and other such programs to avoid malicious activities. We hope you’ve liked our research and found it informative. For more such details, keep visiting the page regularly.

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