The ##72786# code is a special network reset code used on mobile devices. Inputting this code is supposed to reset your device’s mobile network connection and settings to default. This can help boost your network connectivity when facing issues.

However, many users report that inputting ##72786# has no effect anymore. The network reset does not work, and there is no boost in network connectivity.

If you are facing this issue, this guide shows potential causes and solutions to fix ##72786# boost not working.


What Does ##72786# Do?

Dialing ##72786# on your mobile device is supposed to reset the network connection registered on it. This resets all mobile network settings to default factory settings.

By inputting this code, all network data, information, and customized settings are erased. They get replaced by the default network settings from when you first bought the device.

Resetting network settings using ##72786# can help boost network connectivity. It clears out any problematic settings that may be causing connectivity issues.

Why is ##72786# Not Working?

There are several potential reasons why inputting ##72786# may not be working for you:

Incompatible Device Software

If your device software is outdated, ##72786# reset may not be supported. It’s a relatively new feature rolled out in recent OS versions. Older phones may not recognize the code.

Temporary Network Problems

Issues like tower maintenance or connectivity problems on the carrier’s end could temporarily disrupt the reset process.

Restrictions with Network Carriers

The ##72786# reset code may not work on all network carriers. Carriers have different procedures for resetting network settings. So, the standard ##72786# code may not apply.

Damaged SIM Card

A damaged SIM card may not properly connect to networks. So, network resets using ##72786# will not work.

Issues with Network Connection

Problems like tower maintenance or low connectivity on your carrier’s end could prevent resetting network settings. Technical errors can interfere with the reset procedure.

Third-party Apps

Some apps, like call screening or dialer apps, can interfere with network codes.

How to Fix ##72786# Not Working

If you are facing issues with ##72786# boost and network reset, here are some troubleshooting tips:

Restart Your Phone

Restarting your device resets temporary network issues. Switch your phone off completely and turn it back on.

Update Your Phone Software

Update to the latest OS version on your device. This will give you access to newer network features like ##72786#.

Disable Third-party Apps

Some third-party apps can cause conflict with network codes. Temporarily disable such apps and check if ##72786# starts working.

Check Network Status

Your carrier may have network issues in your area. Check their service status online for any maintenance downtime.

Try a Different SIM Card

Switch your SIM card to another phone to test if it is damaged. Get a new SIM if it is defective.

Manually Reset Network Settings

Go to network settings on your device and use the reset option to manually reset the connection.

Contact Customer Support

If other fixes don’t work, contact your carrier’s customer support for assistance with network issues.

Why is ##72786# Boost Not Working?

The issues that prevent ##72786# network reset from working will also stop any boosting effect. Resetting the network is supposed to boost connectivity.

Follow the solutions above to troubleshoot and fix ##72786# boost not working on your device. A network reset is required for any boosting benefits.

Thus, ##72786# is supposed to reset all network settings on your mobile device to default and boost connectivity. If inputting the code has no effect, you can try the above-mentioned solutions.

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