There are myriad individuals and businesses out there looking to have access to all the data your Android has to offer. Not all desire to access this type of information is so nefarious as hacking your privacy, but you may be giving away more information than you would prefer on a regular basis.

The advent of the smartphone has led to a new type of connectivity never seen before. People are connecting to a variety of networks, many unprotected against those with ill intent. Hackers often prey on open connections like airports and coffee shops, hoping to attack a device connected without protections.

App developers, software companies, and advertising groups all seek Android user data to better tailor experiences. Unfortunately, while having good intentions, these companies often track usage and share it with other parties.

Best VPN for Android

VPN – Not Just for Security

While many VPN users are encrypting information for digital security purposes, some are simply looking for a way to view restricted content. From watching movies and TV programs on a streaming service to viewing content from a restricted geographic region, a VPN can provide users the opportunity to access this type of media.

By utilizing the best virtual private network application for Android possible, users can feel some security in knowing data is being encrypted from any “middleman” intercepting it. They could also access content otherwise unavailable to them. There are many VPN options available so here are 5 things to look for when choosing the best VPN for Android.

1.    Privacy Practices

While it may be ironic to evaluate the privacy practices of a potential VPN, many collect logs of user data. Most of these practices are on the up and up, being used for billing purposes and to prevent any abuse of the system.

Spend some time researching the potential VPN with a simple web search. In most cases, you can locate their privacy policy detailing what information is kept and what happens to it. Unfortunately, users should beware of free VPN offerings. Many of these companies will sell off data to cover their costs.

2.    VPN Location

In real estate, it’s all about location. The same mantra applies to VPNs. There are a couple of aspects to consider regarding location when choosing the best VPN for Android, in addition to geographic restrictions.

First, a VPN located in certain countries may be more susceptible to being watched by the government. Do some research on the country your potential VPN is in and evaluate the track record when it comes to internet privacy.

Secondly, a VPN closer to your location is often better performing than one located farther away. Some argue that the less distance the data must travel, the better. However, this could eliminate the use of a VPN for geographic restriction purposes.


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