Whether you are a Gen X or a millennial, you must have heard about Sansui. While this brand has been closed for years, its name is still fresh and doesn’t need any special introduction. It was widely appreciated for manufacturing high-end televisions and various other electronic products at affordable prices.

But have you ever wondered about its history, like where was Sansui founded, what happened to this company, why it got shut down, and various such things? Well, if yes, then it’s high time to get your answers.

For all curious junkies out there who still love Sansui or are just eager to know about the brand’s history, we have compiled a comprehensive guide for you highlighting everything about this “not-so-forgotten” brand. Scroll down the page further and find what exactly you are searching for so long.

A Brief Introduction to Sansui

Before we dig deep into the company’s history, let’s just learn about this brand, its offerings, and other such things first. Sansui is a Japanese company that began its journey as a transformer manufacturer.

In the 1950s, Sansui began producing amplifiers and speakers. In the 1960s, the company expanded into home audio and video products. Until it got shut down, Sansui offered a wide range of electronics products, including televisions, DVD players, and home theater systems.

Sansui had also tried their hands on Qaudphonic Synthesizer, which could make simulated four-channel stereo from two-channel sources; and similar to all other products, Sansui got immense success in the same as well. This brand is known for manufacturing some amazing masterpieces for which customers always remember and appreciate the company.

The Origin of the Word “Sansui”

So, do you know where does the word “Sansui” come from? Or What does this word actually mean? Well, it’s interesting to find out that Sansui is created from the combination of two words which separately means Mountain and Water. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? The company’s owner has taken inspiration from the black ink drawings, depicting nature, trees, rocks, and streams of ancient China.

While it seems quite surprising that why a transformed manufacturing company is named after Chinese history that went back more than a thousand years but nobody has ever bothered about the same, and thus the name of the brand kept going.

Some rumors also believed that the founders of this brand named their company after thinking about the concept and philosophy of Sansui drawings, which mainly reflect strength and simplicity. Their inspirations were clearly visible in their products as all of them featured a simple design and are built to last longer.

Most Sansui products have black front panels with white letters, oozing out class and elegance while reflecting that black int paintings of mountains and snow.

The Complete History of Sansui

Since now you are aware of the brand and the origin of its name, let’s unwrap some of its historical facts to find out where the brand actually founded and headquartered.

Sansui Electric Co., Ltd. is a Japanese electronics company founded in Tokyo in 1947. The company started out as a manufacturer of audio components but has since expanded its product lineup to include televisions, mobile phones, digital audio players, and other consumer electronics.

It was a part of the Bermuda Conglomerate, from 2011 until it operated. The owner of Sansui is Kosaku Kikuchi, who earlier worked for a radio parts distributor before or during the Second World War. He was not happy with the quality of products offered by a distributor; hence he decided to leave the job and planned to start his own company to manufacture some high-end equipment.

Kosaku picked transformers as his initial product line and it was followed by a preamplifier in 1954. These products were well-received by audio enthusiasts and helped put Sansui on the map as a premier audio brand. Sansui was a well-known brand in the 1970s and 1980s, but it faded from the spotlight in the 1990s.

Although the brand entered the digital age with the release of the D-VHS format video recorder and the DVD player. The company also released a number of innovative home theater systems, it somehow lost its charm or you can say publicly.

Its saturation point came in 2014 when Sansui went out of business. In 2021, its headquarters in Shi-Yokahoma got shut down. Sansui was licensed to Videocon but then it terminated its operations in several countries.

Will Sansui Make a Comeback?

While this vintage brand had offered a lot to its customers and witnessed a long golden period in terms of customer loyalty, brand reputation, and sales, its comeback is still a matter of discussion for everyone out there.

But there’s no denying the fact that even if it comes back as a sole venture or in collaboration with any other brand, can make it possible again, as their heydays are really long gone, making them come back in the industry not just challenging but almost impossible.

The market is currently ruled by various new brands that have spread their roots all around, and in such a scenario, the comeback of around a 70 years old brand is no less than a miracle.

It’s interesting to be seen if Sansui can recapture the magic of its heyday (if it re-enters the market), as the company is certainly off to a good start. Only time will tell if Sansui will once again be a leading name in audio equipment or will get faded.


So, that concludes with the foundation and origin of Sansui. We hope you found our guide interesting and worth your time. Our experts have dug deep into Sansui’s history and compiled this guide for you.

What do you think of Sansui’s comeback? Will the brand re-capture the market or recreate the magic of their old days once again? Or do you want this brand to come again and compete in the market? Feel free to share your feedback with us in the comment section below and let us know your thoughts about Sansui. For more such updates, keep visiting the page.

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