Here, How to Change Display DPI on Android and Make the icons, text and other items smaller and larger your Android device by changing the display DPI see below Easy steps.

How to Change Display DPI on Android

How to Change Display DPI on Android

Method 1:

Here, a first method using for Android 7 Nougat and Higher version using for below Steps.

Step 1: First, Open Settings > Display > Display size.

Step 2: Use the slider to choose the setting as u wish.

Step 3: Done.

Method 2:

Second Steps for All Android Versions Supported below steps.

Step 1: First, Go to Android device.

Step 2: Go to Settings > About Phone.

Step 3: Tap Build number 7 times until.

Step 4: After, says Congratulations also you are a developer.

Step 5: Now, go to Settings you will have Developer Options selection.

Step 6: Tap it.

Step 7: After Turn on Enable USB debugging.

Step 8: Download and extract the Android Platform Tools to a location your computer.

Step 9: After download and install Google USB Driver or the OEM USB Driver supported on your device.

Step 10: Go to the command prompt after navigating to the folder where ADB is located.

Step 11: Now, Connect your Android to your PC.

Step 12: Check the Android for a prompt to Allow USB debugging.

Step 13: After select OK.

Step 14: Here, Type adb devices after then press Enter.

Step 15: Now, you a list of devices connected and will verify everything are set up fine.

Step 16: Here, your device does not show up, try to troubleshoot an issue enter below actions.

Here, none rooted users, replace DPI with the value you would like to use after then press Enter. Adb shell wm density DPI and adb reboot.

And Now, Rooted users to need to type su after then press Enter after enter the following command, replacing DPI with the value you would like to use after then press Enter. Wm density DPI and reboot

Here, the complete guide for How to Change Display DPI on Android and you read this guide very helpful for you.

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