YouTube Vanced has driven the crowd crazy since its inception. A free alternative to YouTube Premium, this application lets you enjoy all paid and exclusive YT features without spending a penny. This third-party application is built upon the YouTube API and can offer some unique features on your Android device.

But what if this app stops working or is incompatible with your device? Many users have complained about the unexpected glitch in this application lately, leaving them disappointed. Hence, we have mapped out the eight best YouTube Vanced alternatives you should give a try. These options give users an almost similar experience to YouTube Vanced with fewer or no inconveniences.

Shall we start unrolling? This write-up comprises the eight best and preferred Vanced alternatives you can try out. Pay a closer look and pick any of them to enjoy ad-free streaming in the background.


Why are you looking for YouTube Vanced Alternatives?

Before we find out a complete list of YouTube Vanced Alternatives, let’s do a bit of research and dig into several reasons why you are looking for such options, even when YouTube Vanced is still available on the internet. Here’re mentioned a handful of them.

  • The primary downside of this app is its limited compatibility. YouTube Vanced is only available for the Android platform, and you cannot use it on other systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • Additionally, this app isn’t available on its official website or Play Store after receiving a warning from Google over copyright issues. And you have to do plenty of legwork to get its API version.

The 8 Top-Notch YouTube Vanced Alternatives

Although the app has been shut down after a cease letter from Google, there are multiple alternatives available down the road to offer you premium YouTube perks for free. These options may not be as good as Vanced but can prove to be a workaround if you wish to enjoy ad-free YouTube videos. Here’s a quick rundown of the eight best options to try out.

1.      Revanced

This option has been recently rolled out and is entirely independent of the Vanced project. The app is still in its early development stages and packs an impressive set of features.

Since it is not fully developed, it only has a non-rooted version that runs along MicroG. You need to sign into the app using your Google account to get started. Revanced boasts multiple features to offer you a seamless experience, including background playback, disabling the create button, and ad-free streaming. You can also tap on the Seek Bar to navigate the video support.

2.      NewPipe

It is undoubtedly the best YouTube Vanced alternative you shouldn’t miss out on at the moment. NewPipe is a free and open-source YT client that doesn’t rely on Google’s framework libraries or YT API.

You can utilize the benefits of NewPipe even in the absence of Google Mobile Services. Along with an ad-free experience, this application lets you download videos to your device locally and not just within the app. Furthermore, you’ll have the option to import your subscriptions from YouTube, if you have one, to pick up right where you left off.

3.      Vance Extended

Don’t get confused, as this option is a follow-up project of the Vanced and is taken care of by a new team. However, it looks identically similar to YouTube Vanced, making it hard to distinguish between them. It also has the same interface and all the features of the old YT Vanced, so you’ll feel familiar when using this alternative.

Vance Extended offers good account support and lets you stream your favorite YouTube videos without advertisements and interruptions. However, since it is in the early development stages, you might experience minor bugs when using the app.

4.      SongTube

The next best alternative to YouTube Vanced worth adding to your collection is SongTune. The good thing is that the app comes with a material design and is packed with a bunch of extra features than most of the other applications on the list.

It lets you download the video or audio directly from YouTube, which is one of the most loved features of this application. However, it has a major shortcoming that you should be well aware of before getting tempted toward SongTube. This app is based on old libraries, thus resulting in a slower video loading time.

5.      Brave Browser

While you cannot refer to Brave Browser as an exact alternative to YouTube Vanced, it kind of plays the same role by offering an ad-free streaming experience to users. It is capable of blocking ads when you visit YouTube, thus allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free experience without paying extra.

All you have to do is sign in to your YouTube account when using the Brave Browser and do regular stuff you like with YouTube. What’s more? This browser is available for all platforms, including macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows.

6.      SkyTube

Another worth checking YouTube Vanced alternative is SkyTube. Like NewPipe and other options on the list, SkyTube is also an open-source Youtube client for Android-powered devices.

However, what makes it slightly different from other options is the fact that you can use it without putting it in your Google account. Also, you’ll have the option to import subscriptions and sync your YouTube data with SkyTube to avoid searching from scratch.

Also, you must remember the point that SkyTube comes in two variants, including SkyTube and SkyTube Extra. While the latter supports the official YouTube player and casting, the former follows a conservative path without additional features.

7.      uYouPlus

This option is launched for iOS users who want to enjoy premium YouTube perks without shelling out dollars. uYouPlus is a modified version of uYou with some additional features, including SponsorBlock integration, VP9 codec, and PiP integration.

However, the option comes with a few drawbacks that you should consider before making a final commitment. The installation process of this app is no less than rocket science for non-tech users.

It includes a lengthy and complicated process to get started. In addition, uYouPlus is widely notorious for experiencing occasional bugs that unarguably interrupt your experience now and then.

8.      LibreTube

Finally, it’s time to bring this list to a close with yet another YouTube client, LibreTube. However, unlike other applications on the list, it is based on a privacy-friendly YouTube Frontend Piped. The design feels modern and intuitive during navigation, thus keeping the users glued to their screens.

In addition, LibreTune packs some fine-tuned controls to pick the video quality and format during playback. However, do keep in mind that LibreTube is still in its beta version and is susceptible to bugs and misaligned descriptions.


It’s no secret that YouTube Vanced was a one-of-a-kind alternative to YouTube’s premium version, but we cannot overlook the fact that it has breached copyright issues. Although this app is still working for existing users, it’s only a matter of time before Google takes the necessary action to break it for eternity.

Hence, don’t wait for Google to vanish the app and start finding its alternatives now. Hopefully, this guide has helped you make a switch from YouTube Vanced to other similar options. If you have any recommendations, feel free to mention them in the comments below.

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