Do you need to optimize your workflow properly to attract more investors? The most suitable variant is to choose the best data room software. The VC or investors want to validate what you have shared in your pitch deck and thus they are looking for more granular information on your company, business model, traction, and financials.

Therefore, get the maximum value of the platform you choose. The better your choice will be, the more likely you will be able to conveniently organize everything and provide it in a better form for third parties. This way, you will outperform your competitors.

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Reasons To Use Data Room For Investors

An investor is more likely to choose a potential client who keeps up with modern technologies. So, most investors will look at your financial history but also at the methods you interact with and resources. Therefore, choosing a good provider to help support your business is very important.

  • Work decrease. Automating the process reduces the total amount of work. This makes it easier for employees to interact with each other due to various convenient tools.
  • Cost reduction. No need to pay for document storage, security, and document maintenance significantly reduce costs. In addition, the environmental sphere suffers less. No more wasting wood or needing ink to print copies or other types of information. It also reduces the cost of electricity and other types of utilities. Now all costs are reduced only to paying the tariff for virtual data room vendors.
  • Accessibility. Onlya tablet or computer with Internet access should be at hand. Therefore, it will not be difficult for all connected users to figure out how to work with the program. Online data rooms have a friendly and intuitive interface. In extreme cases, support service operators will come to the rescue.
  • Improved interaction. Its special functions make it convenient for users to work from the platform. Most of the information is tracked, and you can make edits and write to each other in both general and private chats. All information is stored, and each user is allocated a specific place. Showing the process from the inside is convenient, attracting more investors.
  • Convenient management. It takes less time because notifications about upcoming events can be delivered in two clicks. It’s also easy to track the document’s history of changesto identify oversights. In addition, employees can communicate with each other. The exchange of documents is carried out without problems.
  • High preservation. Most data rooms from reliable providers have a high degree of security and reliable mechanisms for working with documents. Data room for due diligence especially follows the principle of increased protection. Where you need to work with confidential information, security is paramount. It also helps attract more investors.

Data Rooms to Choose

The VDR market is very diverse, and it is better to choose a data room based on the ultimate goals and needs of the company. Below is a list of the most popular VDRs that should be considered a good option for investors.


It provides solutions for litigation, bankruptcy, M&A, due diligence, debt financing, document repository, private equity, and others. There is a free demo version and 30 days trial available. The provider supports any operating system.

If you have any difficulties, you can ask for a live chat, contact by mail, or contact the round-the-clock support service for help. The company attracts new customers thanks to various tariffs, high-quality support service, and a friendly interface.


Citrix virtual data room security protocols and technologies are audited according to SOC 2 and SSAE 16 standards. As a result, fewer opportunities exist to support different OSes, but a free trial is available only for 14 days. The number of users worldwide has reached over 400,000.

The support service is also available in different variations, but you cannot choose to work with a Personal Manager or an Online Help Center. The following areas suit this provider: real estate, private equity firms, and financial advisors.


The provider does not have a demo version but has a free trial for 30 days. You can also choose any OS to work with this VDR. Here you can use any of the available support services. The Intralinks products toolkit includes:

  • Intralinks Deal Center
  • Intralinks DealVision
  • Intralinks VDR Pro
  • Intralinks DealMarketing.

It’s good for capital raising, divestments, and M&A deals. Multifaceted solutions help the company to be the first among its competitors.


The data room does not support all types of support and operating systems. M&A data room structure is very suitable for M&A deals. If you choose it for these purposes, you may attract more investors with the right approach. However, the provider offers rates for medium and large-sized companies, so the services are not very cheap.

An important advantage is data privacy. You can control further actions with the file even after it has been sent to another user. Files of any format are supported here.


The virtual data room has a demo version, and the free trial is limited to 14 days. The company’s main goal is to adapt to the client’s requirements quickly. There are also high standards of data protection. If you have any problems, the multilingual support service will help you solve any issues.


Each user must determine which virtual data room is suitable for a particular business. All of them have different solutions that suit different customer needs.

The comparative characteristics of the companies described above will help you better navigate the top providers and choose a solution for your request. As a result, each client can choose the best data room software.

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