Want to pamper your inner fashionista but in no mood to step out of your comfort zone? Thankfully, you don’t have to be!! Those days were a matter of the past when you had to go out and shop, as tables have turned these days, and shoppers can easily fulfill their shopping instincts with the swipe of their fingertips.

But since the internet is cluttered with innumerable shopping sites, finding the most reliable and trustworthy option might seem a daunting task. Moreover, not every online shopping site is legit, thus putting you at risk of money scams and fraud.

One such shopping site emerging these days is Loragal. While their collection is as elegant as their name, some buyers aren’t happy with the site and established an open battleground for their criticism.

Hence, our experts have come into the role and evaluated all the ins and outs of the website. Here, we have outlined the pros and cons of Loragal, so you can find out whether the site is legit or just another lucrative scam. Let the tour begins.


The Pros and Cons of Loragal

To understand the legitimacy of any shopping website, we must have to dig deeper into the platform and check what it does it offers and where it is lacking.

Therefore, before directly jumping into the answer, we have breakdown our article into smaller sections that may help you understand Logaral in a better way. However, it is advised not to judge or make a final perception just after reading this subhead. Scroll through the guide to the end to understand if the website is worth trying. Shall we proceed?

Pros of Loragal

  • A wide collection ahead: Loragal is specialized in offering women’s apparel, shoes, and accessories. From western dresses, tops, denim, outerwear, sets, and bottoms to shoes and accessories, this website has everything to create a fashionable look. The options are endless, leaving you confused about what to select and what to drop. Moreover, the sizing and color palette is also amazing, ensuring you will get whatever you are looking for.
  • Reliable Payment Modes: Loragal accepts legal and reliable payment methods, including PayPal, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards. These methods are secure and trusted for online shopping, thus eliminating the risk of online fraud.
  • Refund Policy: Got the wrong size or don’t like the item? Don’t worry, as you can place a return and get a total refund in a few business days. Loragal offers a dedicated refund policy, and you must have to fulfill their conditions to get your money back.
  • Discounts and Offers: Loragal is well known for offering tons of discounts and sales offers to save a few bucks while fulfilling your fashion desires. However, their offers are available for a limited time period, and you must utilize them within the deadline to make the most of them.

Cons of Loragal

  • Shady shipping charges: Unlike its competitors, Loragal never displays the shipping charges clearly and keeps it shady until your place the order. Having no idea about the shipping charge may sometimes cost you way more than expected.
  • No full refund: Loragal never offers a complete refund to the customer. They claim that the shipping fee is charged by the courier company; hence the return fee will be compensated by your side. They only refund you the item money minus shipping charges and other taxes.
  • Upfront Payment: Loragal doesn’t offer cash on delivery, which means you must have to make an upfront payment. It might be risky, especially since the package is arriving beyond national boundaries.

What Makes Loragal Suspicious?

Now that you know about the pros and cons of Loragal, let’s elaborate on what exactly makes the platform shady and suspicious. Check these factors, and decide if you still want to invest your hard-earned dollars in their lucrative dresses and accessories.

  • No contact number

Loragal is an international shopping website that claims to ship its items to over 80 countries. But why don’t they have a phone number? Sounds shady, isn’t it? Although this site’s network is expanded across nations, the absence of any contact number might raise some doubts, and that’s pretty obvious. However, they have a dedicated email address where you can send your queries, but no contact number stills remain questionable and suspicious.

·         Eye-rolling discounts:

While discounts and seasonal offers are part and parcel of all shopping sites, too good rates and frequent offers might generate red flags. Why are they offering such lucrative discounts very often? Are these offers valid or just to attract customers to invest their bucks? All these questions can be alarming and create suspicions.

·         Unresponsive social media icons

Although the site includes social media icons, all of them are unresponsive, raising a high alert for users. It seems questionable that if the site is genuine, why have they inserted unresponsive social media icons?

·         No Shipping Charges Explained

So, you have visited the Loragal site and got stunned by their affordable rates? But wait, those are only the basic ones, with many more to follow. Yes, you have read it right. All the rates and prices offered on the site are the basic ones and further include hidden taxes and shipping charges when you place a final order. Also, they haven’t mentioned any shipping charges, either, which also raises concern among those who often shop from genuine sites.

Is Loragal legit or a scam?

Speaking of the Loragal legitimacy, it’s still a matter of discussion, and nothing confirmed can be said or written. While the site has garnered a mixed bag of reviews, we cannot count on any of them yet. Also, since Loragal is a recent addition, buyers must have to wait for a while to confirm if it is 100% legal or just another scam.

While some buyers seem pretty convinced with what they receive, others are complaining and criticizing the site badly. So, the choice boils down to your preference only.


So, would you like to spend your hard-earned cash on Loragal? Although the site is packed with extensive collections and tons of promises, it can be challenging to say if it is legal or a scam. There are many red flags associated with this site, making shoppers confused and annoyed. Its content information is copied, it got tons of bad reviews, and it has a shady refund policy.

That’s all about the Loragal legitimacy. We hope our article has helped you decide whether you want to spend on this website or just move on to other trusted counterparts to satiate your shopping buds. For more such reviews and updates, stay in touch with us.

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