Apple iPhone 8 Plus is the most stunning phone of the year 2017. It has LED-backlit IPS LCD with capacitive touchscreen. 5.5 Inches sized screen with 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution gives an excellent look to iPhone 8 Plus.

Protecting such gorgeous looking from scratches and dust is the essential things once you buy an iPhone. Design wise the only difference iPhone 8 plus brings is the glass back. Alos you have to protect your iPhone screen with these iPhone 8 Plus Screen Protectors Although, glass back fetch its own profit (wireless charging). it also way that your iPhone will be more easily broken than before. This means that you will have to be further careful while using your new iPhone or you can hit a case on it. So here we have created a list of Best iPhone 8 Plus Cases and Covers you can buy.


Best iPhone 8 Plus Cases and Covers



PIXIU is a one of the best brand for mobile accessories to manufacturing, and now it can be best cases made for new iPhone 8, 8 plus. They have an attractive case and hardcover offer durability with a slim profile for your iPhone. It can be made with hard polycarbonate outer shell and soft inner Silicone to prevent your iPhone from scratching and shocking. Perfect shock-absorbent durable carrying case secures your phone from bumps and drops for iPhone 8 plus case Generation.

It Specially designed For iPhone 8, 8 plus with perfect fit, the Vibrance Series case has exact cutouts for speakers, charging ports, audio ports, and buttons. Also it anti-slip silicone soft outer layer case provides great handling and extra cushion for impact protection on iPhone.

Price: $8.99

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2Spigen Neo Hybrid

Spigen is a well-known mobile accessories brand; it can be made for most of all mobile cases and covers. Now it comes with new most beautiful and classy looking Spigen Neo Hybrid cases for iPhone 8 plus. If you have more stunning looks get your iPhone 8 then this is one of the best iPhone 8 plus cases.

Neo Hybrid is the flexible case and rigid bumper frame come together to handle impact while keeping the screen and camera contact-free. Neo Hybrid stays lightweight and pocket-friendly at all times to seamlessly adapt to any lifestyle. Experience a new standard of protection and style with the Neo Hybrid for the iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone 8.

Price: $16.99

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Another one of the best iPhone 8 plus cases brand is called TORRAS. TORRAS is made for iPhone cases manufacturing brand. They get a gorgeous and classic look your phone. They have a Metal backing paint; wear proof coloring, anti-fading varnish coating and skin smooth finish are processed before a finished product. It covers all around the outer edges and doesn’t add bulk to the phone making it feel great to hold, the power and volume controls are very accessible, and they work without having to apply excessive force.

TORRAS is a Pocket-friendly iPhone 8 plus case slides in and out of your pocket with ease. Also With TORRAS iPhone 8 Plus case, you can’t miss any call and it takes you into the moment with absolute confidence.

Price: 11.99

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The k&h lightweight protective pocket-friendly case easily fits into your hand, purse, and backpack and provides the daily protection you can rely aon. All our products are designed and developed by our experienced and professional team. And We are striving to maintain the highest quality standards for your ultimate mobile experience.

It can get a Raised edges lips around camera, ports and front display screen ensure the extra protection of screen and back camera to keep the sliding and pressure-sense on the fully functional. And to it Protect with Scratch and Impact resistant Shock Absorbing case protects your phone from scratches, dirt, and bumps, while enhancing natural form and design.

Price: $8.99

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5Dreem iPhone 8 & 8 PLUS Wallet Case

Dreem is well-known mobile Accessories brand that can be made stunning iPhone cases and now at this time, it will show the best of iPhone 8 & 8 PLUS Wallet Case to keep your cash, cards, and personal IDs safe along with the device. How about a stylish leather wallet case, which can protect a phone from drops, scratches, and on top of that holds cards, cash or personal IDs. Here this one is Best iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Cases to you can buy.

It’s a world most functional wallet case to rifled theft protection in three pockets; Easy-Open Clasp – simply open and close your wallet in a snap, no need to touch the clasp; Horizontal + Vertical stand, fully adjustable for hands-free video calls, reading, or movies anywhere; Comfortably carry 3-6 cards plus 5-10 bills.

Price: $34.99

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PASONOMI is a one of the most popular US registered trademark mobile accessories brand. It can get High quality, fast shipping, good customer service; Pasonomi is your best choice! It can give you handmade design that gets a classic feel while offering a left-turning cover and a perfectly-curved case without rough edges or trimmings. It can be design iPhone case to exemplify the power and beauty of simplicity.

Its Ultra slim folio type case to minimize bulk & weight, and your iPhone 8 plus durable book style case wraps around the entire body, with providing 360-degree protection and security of your iPhone, cash, and cards. And they get three card slots and money pocket: carry your ID, credit and debit cards, and cash without having to take your wallet with you.

Price: $15.85

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If you are looking for stylish cases for your iPhone 8 plus, then CIVPOWER the best choice for your iPhone. it’s well design cases and especially when it can be done at a negligible cost compared to the phone itself. and you will love it for its many incredible features and benefits.

It’s a Good Looking Gold Color Hole in the Back for Apple Logo and Camera. Microfiber Inner, Protect the Phone from Scratches and full covers against drops to keep your mobile phone away from dust, dirt, and damage protect your mobile phone perfectly.

Price: $14.99

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If you want an OtterBox case which is not as massive as its guard series, try out their regularity series. The evenness series of cases come with a dual layer creation and are thin, sleek, stylish, and pocket-friendly. The case doesn’t add as much bulk as the protector series, however, it’s also not also as light as the gemstone clear cases on this list. Still, the case bulk is convenient considering it provides much more protection than the crystal clear cases. The case adds more protection around cameras and the display by somewhat raising the borders around them. The best part is that case comes in many diverse colors combination allowing you to style your iPhone however you like.

Price: $25.02

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9Samhe iPhone 8 Plus Case


This is another great Samhe Case for iPhone 8 plus. It’s very stylish and eye-catching looks to your iPhone 8 plus. it can get a 360-degree protection to your iPhone by covering both the front and the back. Also, it protects to scratched, soiled or broken by accident. And it can make three-part case fits to seamlessly with your phone and is outfitted with correctness cutouts to keep the original phone experience. Access to all features and controls.

Price: $10.99

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10Jimmy Case iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case


The Jimmy Case is one of the best iPhone wallet cases you can buy. It can hold up to six cards in the elastic pocket that won’t wear out. Sleek Protective Bumper & Super-Strong Mahogany Core Secures Phone, Cards & Cash. We’ve been using a Jimmy Case on the iPhone 7 plus for a year and it looks like new.

You can get this in 14 different color options with the elastic with patterns and solid colors available. We love the wood back that holds up well to wear and the fact that we can put an extra card or two in the case while on a trip when you end up with keycards and an extra credit card.

Price: $48.99

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